Retrieving Iphone notes
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Looking for a program that will help rescue my lost notes...

Yesterday I was fiddling around with my phone when I noticed that most of the notes in my Notes app were gone. It's not the end of the world, but I have some mild-OCDness about writing stuff down that's stuck in my head so I can "free up the space" so to speak, and losing all that information is giving me some anxiety. I'm an artist and it'd also be nice to retrieve drawing/story ideas that I had there.

I have an iphone 4s and just recently upgraded to ios7. I googled the problem and tried some of the solutions offered ("turn off notes tab under email, reset phone, etc etc") and the notes haven't come back. Unfortunately, I don't have a Cloud backup--I turned the backup function off when it was causing storage issues previously, my bad there. No iTunes backup, either. Finally I tried an Iphone recovery program--Wondershare Dr. Fone for iOS, specifically--and a scan with the free trial turned up my missing/deleted notes. The recovery for the notes requires buying the program, however, and I'm balking at the $100 pricetag, especially for a program that has some poor reviews online.

Are there any other similar programs out there that can retrieve lost info? Any suggestions or solutions are welcome. I would begrudgingly pay the price above, if the program worked well (just for peace of mind)...but I thought I'd ask around first.
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I've had good luck recovering things for people using iExplorer. The demo has limits on recovering things like music tracks, and I believe it won't actually let you export the text of your notes if you don't pay for it--but you can take screenshots or whatever, which in this case should be better than nothing.

For future use you might want to think about keeping important notes in something like Notesy, which keeps its data in Dropbox for that extra layer of backup protection.
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My notes always send themselves (every. damn. edit.) to my Gmail archive. Since I never intentionally set that up, aside from using that email account on the phone, it may be automatic. Check the email account you use with the phone and see if they are hiding there.

I've also thought I lost notes only to find I had the wrong ones displaying; go back a screen and make sure you have "all notes" selected.
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PhoneView might help, if you have a Mac.
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A weird thing--

I had the same problem when I upgraded to iOS 7, my Notes list was empty. But a few days ago I noticed that they were back. It was very weird, and I don't know what happened to the notes since then. They might have been restored, perhaps, by an iTunes tethered backup and restore operation I performed prior to jailbreaking. I have no idea if that's what it was, but maybe it couldn't hurt?
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(That is, try backing up then restoring from that backup. I'm not suggesting jailbreaking. For the record, my device is an iPad 2.)
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