Forum for caregivers of elderly housebound patients?
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What are the good online forums where well-informed relatives of the elderly in long term home-based health care share information?

I'm looking forums where family-caregivers discuss issues that come up in the course of dealing with home health agencies, physical therapists and things like that.

Ideally these forums have sections for Texas, Parkinson's disease, or the Houston area.

I am not looking for a online support group. I should also mention that The Houston Area Parkinson Society and the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) do not have what I am looking for, although they are useful in other ways to the people concerned.
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Looks like you might have to start one! The closest thing I've ever come across but really not quite what you're after is carer's support groups.
What you sugggest is a very good idea and could even become a kind of 'informal way' of regulating service providers. I have a background in healthcare (UK) and put a lot into researching resources for patients and carers and I literally never came across this.
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That's a great idea, tanktop. I have been doing a lot of research on a few related health-care issues. I will definitely give your suggestion some thought. It's interesting to hear that from a UK-perspective there's a need here too. I will put some information in my profile or in projects if I get something going.
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