Documentary About a Group of Hospice Caretakers of Young Man Dying
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So a while back I saw this video about a young man - I think he was a war veteran who was dying of a neurological disorder that slowly rendered him unable to move and then breathe.

The documentary shows a new hospice worker getting to know him and then the others in a group of 3 or 4 who were all part of his team. They were an eclectic bunch. I think this all took place in California, iirc - the man's mother was an avid Harley Davidson biker chick.

Can someone please tell me the name of this documentary?
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I don't know the answer, but this may help you in your Googling: the disorder may be ALS.

Googling "ALS documentary" gave me a lot of potential titles, including Everything Will Be Okay, Indestructible, One Step Ahead, and I Am Breathing. I didn't see mention of a war vet in there, but maybe one of those is it?
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Found it! It's called Visiting Shane - and you can watch it too if you're so inclined. Thanks guys. Sometimes all it takes is some recollecting and the answer comes -
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