Help ID this dubstep track based on lyrics...
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There's an old song I had favorited on, but I no longer see it in my favorites. It's got a bit of a dubstep (original twostep/garage style, not "brostep") feel. The lyrics are something sung through a vocoder or voxbox, or maybe even synthesized. Definitely through electronic effects. "Lo-ove you, need you, ho-old you, clo-oser... I .. need... you right now" Or something to that effect? on the first two beats of each line, I think there's a half-step or so glide up (i.e. where I have the '-' in the words) The song starts with this sort of vocal stuff with keyboards.

Then it kicks in the drums which have a more tom sound, a bit of resonance, maybe lowpass or bandpass filter, not very electronic or distorted, fairly clean, maybe a mild reverb as well. Though now that I think of it, they might be electronic but very clean resonant depth (not too much Q resonance, though, a nice mid-range, naturalistic sound, which is why I associate it with more "real" drums than synth, not too much of an edge, nice space to it).

The vocals have a more metallic robo synth sound (more male like than female, I think, but somewhat "neutral). There's more of an "edge" to them, so maybe more high pass filtering (but still some solid mid's... mildly nasal sound).

For some reason I am associating the color "green" with the song, and possibly "Toasty" or "Pendulum" even though those are more drum and bass, but I think I may have been listening to them on around the same time, and saw a green LP label on Toasty which is why I'm associating that all together, but I'm not sure.

It's definitely more dubstep. I'd say the drums are slightly remiscent of Kode 9 or Shackleton (though a very slow pace, not a lot of cymbals or snares mostly just tom sounds from what I remember, maybe a very dull/filtered snare, not very high pitched)
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Burial's Archangel has "Holding you, couldn't be alone, loving you, kissing you, tell me I belong..."
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2nding Burial. If it's not that, it will definitely be up your alley.
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alas, that isn't it, though it is a track I dig... this is more up beat than burial. the vocals are definitely more robotic on the one I'm thinking of, also less reverb than burial usually uses.
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Darkstar's 'Need You' is what you're thinking of.
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