Dead Screen, touch works on Droid. Creative repurposement?
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So walking the dogs the other day, Lady zigged while I was trying to text, and my leash hand punched my texting hand, and the phone broke the screen (but not touch sensing). I got a replacement phone (I was due for an upgrade) but it seems ridiculous to have this hardware lying dormant due to one component being borked.

So: Perfectly cromulent Droid RAZR MAXX with no video on screen. HDMI output works - that's how the Verizon guys changed the settings so I could transfer my contacts. Touch sensing works. I can mount it as storage. I even answered a couple calls before I upgraded via muscle memory.

What the hell can I do with this?
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Tear it apart to see what it looks like inside. Take photos and post them to your blog.
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Can you find a kit on Ebay to replace the screen? My other half replaced a Galaxy screen recently, and it was involved but he didn't go into this with any special skills. It was a resounding success.
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Need a low power server? Try the Ultimate App I have several old phones running various tasks just because.
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Since it has a working hdmi output, you could get a Bluetooth remote and use it as a media center. Xbox, Netflix, Hulu, etc, all work on android.
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Take it to the screen-replacement store on the East Loop or even the screen-replacement kiosk at the Galleria and see what they say about it. I know you're mechanically inclined, but it might be worth talking to people who replace phone screens all the time just to get their opinion on how to proceed.
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