Quiet cafes/bars in Hong Kong?
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I'm looking for bars/cafes in Hong Kong with a quiet, cozy vibe where I could feel comfortable taking a book and spending a few hours in a relaxing environment. Central/Sheung Wan would be ideal, but I'm open to suggestions anywhere.
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If you're looking to go today or on a weekend, I'd recommend Amical. It's one of the quietest cafes I've been to in Hong Kong on a weekend (you will DEFINITELY be able to get a seat) and the coffee is delicious. I find that Sheung Wan/ Central's cafes tend to be packed out on weekends and Wanchai isn't too much of a schlep from there. They also have a nice balcony although it might be too cold to enjoy it today!

If you're going during the week when things will be quieter, I also like Cafe Deadend, The Cupping Room (AVOID at lunch) and Barista Jam.
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I really like Lof10. It's usually pretty quiet, but I've never spent much time there during the weekends.
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I do this at McSorley's Ale House in SoHo, Mid-Levels. It may not be particularly quiet (they have the TV on most of the time with sports), but it's a relatively unassuming, run-of-the-mill pub where people leave you alone. It is not quaint or quirky or anything special, but it gets the job done.
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