A lost food blog?
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There was a one-person food blog/website with gorgeous photography. At point, he went to France and came across a food that roughly translates to 'baby Jesus'. It was not a variant of a King cake. Does anyone remember this website?
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David Lebovitz maybe? I know you said it's not a king cake, but adding this link in case this food was something else he encountered, since his blog does fit your other criteria.
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In that post, Lebovitz mentions, "There are two kinds of Kings Cakes in France; one is layers of puff pastry filled with almond cream, and the other is a circular yeasted cake, more popular in the south of France, festooned with colorful, sticky candied fruit." He shared the recipe for the first, which looks nothing like any King Cake you'd see in the US.
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Is it the cougnou (Belgium) / cugnot (French), also called "bread of Jesus" because it looks like a swaddled baby Jesus?
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Was it FXCuisine.com ? He's Swiss, but many of his recipes are French. He has a recipe titled "Hard Boiled Swiss Jesus" (spoiler - it's a giant sausage, but in my defense you just said "a food").
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Yes, it was FXCuisine!
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Awesome! I loved that blog so much and was very sad when it went dark.
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Ha! I thought that same thing. RIP FX Cuisine.
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