Where to buy inexpensive, basic zip front fleeces/sweatshirts w/o hoods?
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Looking for basic, inexpensive zip front sweatshirts or fleeces with no hoods. Men's or women's, preferably available online to ship to US. Everything seems to be expensive & made for outdoor wear or have a hood. Just looking for something to wear around the house in the winter. Thanks!
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I have good experiences with Tinydeal. Another of those cheap, Hong Kong based free shipping gadget stores, but with a relatively large selection of clothes. I'm wearing one of their sweaters right now.

Just make sure you check the size carefully.
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I have this from LL Bean and it is very nice. I wore it around the house all day yesterday.
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Uniqlo has some cheap fleece zip front jackets with no hoods. I've been wearing mine around the house all winter. The non-reversible ones are currently listed in the sale section, though. One note about their sizing - their size chart provides the measurements of the garment, and not the suggested measurements of the wearer. So you should measure a sweatshirt or fleece jacket you already have, and order based on that. I notice from Uniqlo comments that people appear to confuse the garment measurements for body measurements and end up ordering the wrong size because of that.
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Old Navy has a bunch of stuff right now too. I find that the sleeves tend to be a bit short and ordering the "tall" version helps, but they're cheap, comfortable, and easy to acquire.
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Seconding the Uniqlo fleeces. They're inexpensive and the quality is great for the price - they're not stiff or plasticky-feeling. In my experience they're reasonably true to size. (For reference, I'm a woman with about a 38" chest, and the men's medium fits me just fine.)
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I forgot to mention this caveat: in my experience Uniqlo's swatch colors can sometimes be pretty far off from the actual color you'll get. The men's fleeces I've ordered have mostly been darker than the swatches - greenish black instead of forest green, for instance.
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Seconding Old Navy.
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How cheap is cheap? I have a couple Columbia zip-front fleeces I basically live in all winter, and I think I paid about $25 for them (on sale).
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I just got one of these from Costco for about $15, and have been wearing it around the house a lot. (It's cotton sweatshirt material, not poly fleece.) I really like mine. It's warm and comfortable, but much more respectable looking than most of the things I wear around the house.

It's not showing up online, but I just bought mine I think last week, so they may have them in stores.

One other really weird thing is that I have sometimes noticed some fleece ones at Walgreen's of all places, usually in a big display right near the front door, or maybe in the seasonal aisle or something. They alternate different clothing items, but I am about 80% sure that I've recently seen zip up fleece jackets like what you're describing, and the clothes they carry are always really inexpensive.
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Try Costco, Old Navy or Winners. You can often find good quality, inexpensive fleece to puts at all of them.
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