Does the book I'm looking for exist?
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Last night my boyfriend and I saw this preview for the documentary "Jodorowsky's Dune." My boyfriend mentioned that he'd like a book of the concept art & photos shown in the preview. Does a book like that exist?

For a late Valentine's day gift I'd love to get him a book like this, if it even exists. I'm having trouble searching for something like this because of David Lynch's Dune, and of course the book series.

Near the end of that preview, you see Jodorowsky flipping through what looks like a big picture book, what book is that? Would that be interesting in a similar vein?

Thanks all!
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Best answer: The publisher "Humanoids" might have something like what you are looking for. They have recently put out a few coffee table books of Jodorowsky and Moebius's books like The Incal. My local artsy-fartsy comic book / graphic novel store has all this stuff on display right now.

I think you can actually get a book of Moebius's concept art for Dune, but it's only available in France due to an estate issue. I believe this would be almost exactly what you want, but it may be impossible to find in the USA.
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Best answer: The huge book in the trailer is a collection of Moebius' storyboards for the film and was only made for use within the studio. A little info about it in this Twitter thread:
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Best answer: 21st Century Foss contains about 8 pages of Chris Foss' concept art for Dune (and a couple of images from Moebius as well). Foss also sells some signed prints of his Dune art on his website, including the pirate ship and the guild tug shown in the trailer.
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