Help me replace the umbrella I just donated to the subway train!
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I assume it's a goner. It was the best damn umbrella I ever had. It never inverted in the wind. I had it four years and secondhand at that, and there was never a bent rib or spoke or anything. Problem is, I didn't note the brand, so I'm hoping some Mefite knows what I'm talking about so I can reorder it right away?

Description: Dark gray with a light gray trim a few inches from the border. A gray logo that I always confused with the Champion brand logo, but wasn't quite, I think. It was like an intertwined C and O in light gray. The circumference was medium and could comfortably protect one person, but not quite two. The handle was about six inches and covered in sturdy thick black foam. It was an auto open umbrella with a silver button (and how surely it auto-opened!) Since it was secondhand, I can't tell you what store it came from.

Frantic googling for "dark gray umbrella" and "co umbrella" are, of course, not leading anywhere. Even figuring out what brand it was would really help.

Thank you!
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If you're unable to find that exact umbrella, keep an eye on

The "also great" option (the Blunt Classic) is one that my sister has and raves about for the same reasons you listed. It appears that Blunt now has a collapsable version as well, something the reviewer claims to have been waiting for.
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I don't know the umbrella in question but the single best umbrella I've bought, and still have, is a Fulton - it is auto-open and strong in high winds and just very well made. It's a British brand. We Brits are extremely experienced at dodging rain while on the move and consider ourselves aficionados of a good umbrellas. This is the Queen's favoured brand, with good reason.
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Thanks for the recommendations, will definitely check them out! Just wanted to add that it wasn't a compact umbrella, didn't come with a sleeve that I knew of, and this is the closest thing I've found. The colors were similar, but the stripes went all the way around and I'm pretty sure it wasn't Nike.
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Have a look at this one - not compact, no sleeve.
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If you live in the city, try googling for the lost items department of the subway/city department that manages it. Or try calling city services/info what have you to see if they know where it might have ended up. There is a non-zero chance it was turned in, and siting there forlornly waiting for rescue.
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I'm going to second ShedRain. I have a compact and it is the best one I've ever had. But they do make full size: and here's a link to it.
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I have a Gustbuster (found it on eBay) and it has never blown out nor torn nor bent a rib.
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