How to play my own music snippets randomly and endlessly?
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I want to listen to very brief snippets of my son's ukulele strumming, over and over and over, randomly shuffled. (Think of a sort of Buddha Machine that I can populate.) Hardware, software, whatever. Does this exist already? If not, how can I do it?

I love the gentle sounds of my son noodling around on his uke. I would listen to it all day in the background, but he never plays as long as I would like. :7) I know there are a bunch of web sites that will play combinations of nature sounds that I select from a menu & mix, but can I do that with short MP3s of his aimless strumming?

An iPhone app or a Mac app or a web app would all be fine. Something that exports to a long MP3 would also be nice. A hardware device would be acceptable, too.

Or should I just buy the cheapest hardware MP3 player I can find and set it to shuffle?
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Why not just take your short MP3s and put them in iTunes (on your Mac or phone) and just hit shuffle and repeat?
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Garage band is super easy. Drag each mp3 into a single track on a garage band file. Presto: one long song of a bunch of different noodles in a row. It won't be random any more though.
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In Ableton Live you can add all the different snippets as clips, and tell Ableton to play a random clip at the end of each clip. I have used this to make endlessly shuffled beats.

But probably an mp3 player with gapless playback would be a lot easier.
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You should try infinite jukebox. It lets you upload your own mp3s, finds similar sounding parts and then jumps between those parts randomly and mostly seamlessly, forever.
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