Chicago (South Side) lunch delivery recomendations
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I'm looking for recommendations for lunch places in Chicago that will deliver a largish (~$100) order to Hyde Park. It should cost $10/person or less.

This is for a weekly group lunch, with 10-12 attendees a week. Our experience so far has been that places that do deliver but don't normally deliver to Hyde Park will do so for a catering order, so if it's a place on the South Side or in the South Loop that delivers in general, that might work. Also:

-Must have vegetarian options
-Ideally something where we don't have to take individual orders from people
-$10/person or less.
-Not pizza

Things we've done so far:
-Ordered from Chinatown
-Falafel and Shwarma sandwiches (from within Hyde Park)
-Bahn Mi sandwiches from somewhere near UIUC
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You haven't done Rajun Cajun yet? The first event my first year at U of C was catered by them, and it made me 6-year loyalist.
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Z & H makes fantastic sandwiches, and while I don't see anything on their website about catering, I've definitely been to events they catered on campus at the U of C. Medici also has catering, though just looking at their catering menu gave me weird flashbacks to my days of working on campus. And Rajun Cajun is indeed great.

Also, if you don't get enough answers here, I recommend asking the administrative staff of your department. They will often have go-to catering places since they end up organizing a lot of events.
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Potbelly would work - so would the neighborhood Thai places (Thai 55 or the Snail).
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses so far. To clarify, I'm specifically looking for suggestions outside Hyde Park. We're all fairly familiar with the Hyde Park and looking for a little novelty.
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Some favorites of my favorite administrators:
Corner Bakery = sandwiches and really good sugar cookies.
Pompei for Pastas and salad. Medici will also do this, but as you're so determined to think outside the HP box...
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Sweet Baby Ray's Catering did an awesome job for my building's Christmas dinner. I suspect they would also do an awesome lunch. Their veggie dishes clock in a bit higher than your budget though.
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As you probably know, there's a pretty thriving food truck scene on the UofC campus.

I bet a lot of those guys would happily cater a group - La Adelita comes to mind in particular (fantastic Mexican food), I think I've heard them mention catering events.
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Roti! My company used them for our monthly lunch a couple months ago, and they were great. We've also used Jason's Deli - I like them too.
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