A couple of these things things are JUST like the others
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Black cohosh and flax seed give me crackhead-style insomnia. Green tea breaks me out ...

Evening primrose oil also gives me insomnia. Is there a certain chemical compound that all of these substances have in common that trigger my reactions to them? I know my reactions are not uncommon for other people, too, but it would be great if I could nail down a common culprit.
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I don't know what might be common between those, but the key word for searching is "alkaloids."

Some people find relief through hops tea (for calming and phytoestrogens, also: beer, but I don't recommend consuming huge quantities of that) and sage for combatting hot flashes, if menopausal relief is what you are going for. Red clover is sold in a pill form as well, but the evidence is mixed.

I am of the firm belief that you should also consult your doctor while continuing to explore the cause of your symptoms. I never found any relief using herbs and supplements, except for Vitamin D, which I was low on, and fans and dressing in layers. And menopause did cause me insomnia, in spades, so you may be confusing the substance you're taking with a normal bodily aspect of that. PMS did the same thing. Hormones are a bitch.
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