File Browser with two synchronized panes
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I want a program that allows for a two pane view of two like file structures, in two different drives or network locations, that allows you to drag and drop or otherwise transfer files between the two panes, and that will keep the view synchronized, so, you open a folder in the left panel and the corresponding folder in the right panel also opens up.

I use FlashFXP (and have since the dawn of time) for this, and it works perfectly between a local file share and an FTP site. Alas, it does not seem to possess this functionality when both panes are viewing "local" files.

A stand alone program would be better than a full Explorer replacement/enhancement.

The ability to bookmark such views would be swell too.

Free is best, but I'd pay for it.
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Filezilla also supports synchronized browsing.
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I have used xplorer2 for this, which does have a lite version, which is 32-bit only, for personal or academic use.
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WinNc is an updated NC clone.
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Here to second (and third and fourth) Beyond Compare. Best software purchase my group ever made.
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Total Commander is what I'd recommend. Screenshots here.

Mac users looking for something similar should try Path Finder.
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Qdir, which is freeware.
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Well, FlashFXP has released an updated beta that fixes the "you can't view two different files structures simultaneously" and so that is what I am using. I tired the suggestions you all made, and they seemed to work, but nothing worked smoothly enough, or "natively*" enough to make it worth switching. Thanks all the same!

*in the sense that I can't bear to learn a whole new interface just for this - if it isn't pretty much plain vanilla I am not going to make the time.
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