Snowed in and want to bake
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I would like to bake something sweet today, but I am snowed in and have only a few ingredients on hand. What can I make?

Ideally, I'd like the recipe to be something that doesn't use substitutes to work well. I have a cake pan and cookie sheets in the way of tools.

I have flour, white sugar, a bit of confectioners sugar, butter, vegetable oil, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla, cinnamon. No eggs, no milk, no yeast. Is there something delicious and sweet that I can throw together?
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Did you see this?
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Kind of left-field, but do you have mayonnaise? (Most of the recipes are with cocoa, but you could flavor them with vanilla and cinnamon instead)
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Most shortbread cookie recipes just call for butter, flour, sugar, and vanilla.
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Twice-baked shortbread
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Do you have any chopped pecans, almonds or walnuts? You could make something like Pecan Sandies
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Shortbread -- flour, sugar (either white or confectioner's), butter. Could also make a nice icing with water plus confectioner's sugar, or sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.

Pie crust, if you make it with butter and have something with which to fill a pie. Pies can be made in cake tins.

Biscuits -- water is not as rich as the milk that is usually called for, but they should be perfectly edible. Could also include making a sweet biscuit for shortbread if you have frozen berries or canned fruit for filling. Or even just jam. (Also, if you have sour cream or yoghurt, it can be subbed for milk/cream in any biscuit recipe, just add water to adjust the consistency of the dough before rolling out.)
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Welfare Cake or War Time Cake. If you don't have cocoa powder, add a bit of cinnamon, as it only calls for 5 TBS. Make an icing or glaze using your powdered sugar.
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I can't believe I didn't see today's earlier post! I did search, and I read regularly, so I am surprised I missed it!

Shortbread sounds promising...

I also have sour cream, fwiw.
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If you have any kind of filling, you could make pie.

ETA: Should have previewed.

So I'll also mention scones! This recipe calls for milk, but it's such a small amount I wonder if you could make a substitution:
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I can verify that I have subbed sour cream for milk/cream in scone recipes before with good results -- scones are just sweet biscuits with dried fruit/nuts in.

Also, sour cream buttercream frosting for shortbread cookies! Confectioner's sugar, softened butter, small amount of sour cream to moisten, vanilla. Disclaimer, I have not tried it myself, but I am guessing this would totally work.
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Flour + sugar + butter = Scottish shortbread!
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Crazy cake aka wacky cake or depression cake is made without eggs. It was popular during the Great Depression and WWII, when certain ingredients were either too expensive, or too rationed to use regularly. It has no eggs and is actually quite tasty.
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I like this self-saucing chocolate pudding--I'd sub 1/4c each of sour cream and water for the milk that's called for. (Also, if you make it, increase the sauce ingredients by about 50%.)
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Edit: oops, sorry, I missed that you don't have eggs, don't mind me.
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You can substitute Mayonnaise for eggs.

That opens up a LOT of options. Also, Sour Cream Pound Cake.

It's melting here, I'm gonna go out!

Yay! OUT!
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it might be too late, but for future reference, there are some websites that give recipes based on what you have on hand:


my fridge food

recipe matcher

...though i cant speak to the quality of these sites, but maybe they might help. hope you got to make something yummy!
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Although I said I didn't want substitutes, there was something really satisfying about the idea of using up the rest of my mayonnaise and sour cream. It seemed a little more desperate and like it would make a better story or something. So after a brief consideration of shortbread, I made the sour cream pound cake from Ruthless Bunny and subbed in about a half a cup of mayo for the eggs, using up exactly the last of both ingredients. I baked it at 350 for one hour in a round 8-inch cake pan. It's delicious! Thanks!
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On, look at Best Toffee Ever! Butter and white sugar and chocolate chips plus a candy thermometer = homemade Heath Bars. My suggestions are to stir constantly and to cook around 10 degrees higher than the recipe suggests. Sweet Lord Above, it's good stuff.
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