Is there a general term for phrases like "landline phone"?
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I could swear that I have seen this on AskMe before, but I can't find it for the life of me. Is there a word for the situation in which something that used to be representable by a single word now needs two (or more) words? Like how "telephone" now sometimes has to be retroactively qualified as "landline phone" because of the advent of "mobile phones." "Analog watch" would be another example, I guess.
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A retronym is a type of neologism that provides a new name for something to differentiate the original from a more recent form or version.

Advances in technology are often responsible for retronym coinage. For example, the term "acoustic guitar" was coined at the advent of electric guitars, and analog watches were thus named to distinguish them from digital watches.
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Exactly! Thank you!
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If you want more examples, "snail mail" used to be just regular mail before email came along. Similarly, a paper/print/dead tree copy used to be just a copy before electronic copies existed.
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Acoustic guitar is my favorite.
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Day baseball!
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Not exactly what you asked, but in the same vein: when we say something like, "Oh, not an e-book, a book book" or "and he called me using his phone phone, not his cell phone" that's called contrastive focus reduplication.
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Ice hockey, given the advent of roller hockey?
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Field hockey is as old as ice hockey as far as I can tell so the distinction was always needed there. But as long as we're on sports, all Olympics were Summer Olympics until 1924.
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"Film camera" vs. digital.
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"brick and mortar store"

(Don''t know if you're actually looking for more examples, but this is fun.)
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And an fun acronym for "landline" is POTS. Plain Old Telephone Service. We've used this at the phone company since the early nineties.
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"Desktop computer" is a good one, also "Tube TV".
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"whole" milk
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Parallel ATA
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'Manual' and 'wired' are good prefixes that indicate a retronym, e.g. manual-focus lens or wired microphone. Other examples include standard transmission, top-loading washing machine, and gas range.
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I don’t think that "gas range" counts as a retronym as there were solid fuel “ranges” first, so “coal-fired range" would be the retronym in that case.

Endless other examples ranging back a long way — sailing ship once the steam ship had been invented, black and white tv after the advent of color (same for movies and photographs, and for that matter computer monitors).
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leaded gasoline
mechanical computer
analog computer
mainframe computer
wired network
assembly/machine code
hard copy
unbleached flour
lambskin condom
handblown glass (and possibly 'handmade' or 'artisanal' anything, or at least anything produced before industrialization, similarly any 'authentic' or 'traditional' cuisine when contrasted with its 'modern' or 'hybrid' variants)
folk music (as in field recordings, not Woody Guthrie), folk tales
wood ('stick') framed (houses)
'real' wood furniture, floors, etc (and similarly 'real' marble, stone etc)
conventional war[fare] (esp. when in a binary pair w/nuclear war or WMD -- less so when paired w/'unconventional warfare' meaning anti-insurgency etc.)

probably not as intended, but:
stay at home mom
white male voters (i.e. when used as a demographic in U.S. polls; and other similar constructions)
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Depending on how far back you go, the retronym could be either "conventionally-grown produce" or "organically-grown produce".
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hardcover book (upon the advent of paperbacks, not ebooks)
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