What was Google's early government subsidy, if it existed?
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In Rebecca Solnit's latest LRB piece on San Francisco's tensions around the tech boom there, she makes an unsourced reference about "Google set[ting] itself up with the help of a $4.5 million dollar government subsidy". The LRB is very respectable but this claim seems a bit wobbly. Perhaps my Google Google-fu is failing me but I can't find a reference or more detail for this claim online. All I get is very vague and untrustworthy CIA funding conspiracy theories on tinfoil hat crank sites. I can't find anything re: that $4.5m figure. Solnit likely may not mean the CIA at all but some other kind of government subsidy. Can the MeFi hive mind help factcheck this claim? Are there reliable sources with more detail on this?
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Here you go

Stanford Digital Library Project
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That was quick! JPD has it. Thanks!! More info with that 4.5m bucks figure here
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