How to convey lots of love with only a little chocolate?
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Husband and I will be snowed in for Valentine's Day, from the looks of things. I have one bag of semisweet chocolate chips and one tin of cocoa powder. Also have half and half (no heavy cream), 2% milk, AP flour, baking powder and sugars brown and white. I know lots of recipes for cookies, cakes, brownies, etc., but if I am snowed in for several days with a full recipe's worth of chocolate ANYTHING I am going to eat more than is prudent. Does anyone have any PROVEN recipes for small amounts of chocolate-y delight? Recipes for two would be ideal. I've tried to Google, but most of the small scale recipes I'm seeing are either unreviewed or require an ingredient I don't have on hand. I am currently unable to shop due to Snowpocalypse 2014. Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: This mug cake was just posted a few days ago on the green and I've already made it twice. I'm sure you can scale it up and down. I tried replacing some milk with sour cream and it was still delicious.
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Do you have eggs? You can make very good lava cakes and just freeze the extra.

This recipe makes 6, but I don't see any issues with cutting it in thirds (I have made it, but only in the full quantity). Make it in small ramekins if you make extra, then just stick the unbaked stuff in the freezer to bake when desired.
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Best answer: For things like this, I like You put in your ingredients, and it returns recipes using ONLY those ingredients. It'll also prompt you for other ingredients just in case you have stuff like salt or eggs or oil that you're forgetting about.

I put your ingredients in and am getting lots of returns for mug cakes (unfortunately it doesn't let you link directly to a search) but the number of recipe options doubles if you have oil.

Go add you whole cupboard, see what you come up with!

Also, this is totally a situation in which I, as your hypothetical next door neighbor, would be all "why yes of course you may have a stick of butter! Happy Valentine's Day!" so don't be afraid to knock on some doors if you have neighbors nearby!
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Pretty much any standard drop cookie recipe can be done slice-and-bake style; shape the dough into logs, wrap in plastic, freeze, bake when desired.

(This would still put quantities of cookie dough in your house of course, but might not be as tempting as fresh-baked cookies, which you could limit to small quantities.)
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Is there any particular reason you can't just make a small batch of something? Just because a recipe makes 4 doz. cookies doesn't mean you have to actually make a batch that large. Cut the recipe in half.

Note that this would be easiest with something that you bake in individual portions, e.g., cookies, and not with something that you cook all at once, e.g., brownies. With cookies, you only bake a few at a time, in batches, and whether you do one batch or five, the time is the same. With brownies, you cook all of the dough at once, and a thinner and/or smaller pan size will require you to adjust your cooking time as well.

Also, with cookies in particular, you could just cook a dozen of them and put the rest of the dough in the freezer for later. Once it freezes it's hard to eat right away. :)
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As much as Rachael Ray annoys me I have made her recipe for chocolate cups and it's, dare I say, delish. It calls for an egg and a few other ingredients you may or may not have but you can make a serviceable version with just the chocolate and half and half. Essentially you are making a very thick ganache.
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Best answer: This recipe for pots de creme. 12 oz chocolate chips, 4 eggs, vanilla (and booze if you want) and a cup of strong hot coffee. Very similar to the chocolate cups above, except this recipe doesn't use any dairy at all.
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Best answer: If you have any oil on hand, I like this recipe for vegan cupcakes for two. I'd recommend topping them with a simple chocolate ganache instead of frosting (1 part chocolate, 1 part half and half, let cool and whip to use as frosting).

Vegan cupcake or cookie recipes are also fantastic for scaling down the serving sizes (sometimes, it's tough when downsizing a regular recipe means you'll need to use 1/3 of an egg), and there's no rule that says you can't use regular milk instead of soy milk when baking recipes like that. I've "un-veganized" vegan recipes before to great success.
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Oh! If you have any milk chocolate on hand, I have a recipe for cupcakes that calls for only milk chocolate, flour, and an egg or two or something. It does have to be milk chocolate specifically.

This was in a "recipes with only 3 ingredients" cookbook I have around the house, and was one of the first thing I tested and it really does work. It makes a very moist flourless-cake-y consistency cupcake, which may not LOOK picture-perfect but the taste is definitely who the hell cares how this looks because whoadamn.
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Do you have any fresh or dried fruit on hand? Pretzels? Chocolate covered (or dipped) _x_ is a pretty nice boutique treat.
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If you have eggs, I recommend chocolate mousse. My recipe (for 2) is: 3 oz chocolate, 2 eggs, 1 tbsp butter [3--2--1!]. Melt chocolate and butter in a double boiler (or microwave if you have one), while chocolate is cooling a bit, separate eggs and whip whites (with a pinch of salt) to stiff peaks (this is pretty quick by hand b/c it's only 2 eggs). Whip the yolks to a ribbon and add to the chocolate. Fold a 1/4 of the whites into the chocolate to lighten; fold that back into the remaining whites slowly/carefully. Split into two serving dishes (we use coffee mugs or wine glasses), chill for at least 1 hr. So deliciously decadent.

It sounds complicated, but start to finish it only takes about 15 minutes, plus chilling time. I make it about once per week.

If you don't have eggs, then I'd make chocolate milk (bonus if you have bourbon to add), by slowly melting the chocolate and cocoa powder in with the milk over low heat. Taste as you go and add sugar if needed. Super warming and comforting during a snow storm.

If you find a cookie or other non-egg-centric baking recipe that you want to try and you don't have eggs, but do have mayo, you can substitute 3 tbsp mayo for each egg.
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Fondue-melt chocolate in double boiler slowly with whatever flavor you want. Dip anything you can find-fruit, marshmallows, pretzels, bread, fingers, each other.
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chocolate syrup?
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Nigella quadruple choc cake
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Do you have confectioner's sugar and sour cream/yogurt? These chocolate truffle cookies are pretty amazing.
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Make amazing chocolate mousse using just water and chocolate using this technique. This recipe really works and the result is delicious and classy. A little goes a long way.

Lovely mugs of hot chocolate/cocoa made with some half and half for decadence. (Plus popcorn and apple slices for a complete meal, if you're me.)

I also like the fondue suggestion, dipping fruit, nuts, bread, pretzles, potato chips. Whisk in half and half as you're melting the chocolate for creamier consistency/lighter flavor, or just use melted chocolate.
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Do you have butter or vegetable oil? You can make chocolate chip cookies or brownies.
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Hmmmm, just posted a similar answer on MF. Look at, Best Toffee Ever. Butter plus white sugar plus chocolate chips = homemade Heath Bars. You do need a candy thermometer or you can look up that method to test candy temp in a glass of cold water. Good stuff!
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