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I'm looking for daily local video news from Paris, France, in French, online.

Something like the local Chicago news feed from WGN. I know about TV5, etc. I'm looking for something really local to Paris and environs. Not national/international news. In French, not in English. Available in the U.S. without a VPN.
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Captvty is a downloadable program (Windows only) that streams about 40 different French TV channels. Most are live and some of them also have recently aired shows you can watch on demand. The specific list of stations and their availability changes all the time (and some channels are region-blocked), but there's a pretty broad selection - I don't know specifically what would have Paris local news, though.
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You can watch the France3 Paris/Île-de-France daily news broadcasts (noon and evening) here (follow the video links on the right). No VPN required.

You should also watch Les Guignols de l'info, just because.
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