Online Print Shop clone?
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Everyone remembers Broderbund Software's The Print Shop from the 80s. I am looking for a similar desktop publishing experience today. Pixelated fonts, limited clip art, and quarter page greeting cards. Is there a webapp out there that will let me do this sort of thing? Again, I'm looking for super basic functionality.
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It's not a web app, but it seems like Broderbund still sell a version of The Print Shop.
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Response by poster: I guess I should clarify : I want 1988 level technology. Retro, even. The current Print Shop is way too high fidelity.
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Here's the 1984 (original?) version of Print Shop, emulated online, hosted by It's super basic, and super pixelated.
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OH MY GOODNESS! Make a banner in that emulator and print it just to see the printing animation!
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*squeal* And the emulator is actually a iic, just like the one I grew up with. What an awesome find. Bookmarked.

Yes, I am that excited. And now I might head down to basement to see if our iic still boots.
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Virtual ][ will even print to a PDF. You just have to convert your legally-acquired Print Shop floppy disk into a .DSK or .DO format.
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The hope is to have the JSMESS Emulator (used by printing to PDF/JPG/PNG in the future. Prepare yourselves.
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