"Harmonious Day" Clarks shoes in the U.S.
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I found a great pair of Clarks shoes called Harmonious Day in Bangkok but not in my size (UK 4). I'd like to buy online and ship to the US, but Google only gives me European and Asian e-commerce sites with the shoe. Any idea how to get it in the U.S.?

Does Clarks really release shoes in only one or two markets this way?

If so, any suggestions for a similar work-appropriate Mary Jane shoe I can feel confident purchasing online?
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I looked on the Clarks USA website to see if I could find the shoe listed under a different name, but didn't find it. Here are all the Mary Jane and pump shoes. If you wanted a Mary Jane style from Clarks, maybe Sugar Dust would be nice?
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You might want to look on Amazon.co.uk, and see if you can find the style you are looking for (or a good replacement). I don't see a Clarks style there called "Harmonious Day", but in my experience, sometimes style names for the same brand/shoe vary by country. I have successfully ordered shoes before from Amazon.co.uk, and had them shipped to the US. It actually turned out to cost approx. the price listed in pounds, because discount from the VAT tax (they take it off if it is being shipped internationally) cancelled out the extra shipping costs. The only thing is that you should check that it's actually Amazon selling the particular model you want, not a third party vendor, because in my experience, the third party vendors are less willing to send abroad and don't take off the VAT. I can't say about whether or not you will be hit by a US Customs charge.
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Also, in my experience (with a different European brand), certain models are only released in certain countries. For instance, in the brand I like (from Austria), the widest variety of models are released in Austria/EU (where the brand's home is), there are some of these models available in the UK, and only a few in the US (and they are much more expensive).
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