I want to follow more women on Twitter
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Please give me your ideas for women to follow on Twitter.

After reading this great post by Anil Dash about how he only retweeted women on Twitter in 2013, which (eventually) led me to this post in HBR about how despite there being more women on Twitter, both men and women are more likely to follow men; I've decided I want to actively follow and support more women. I am looking for your suggestions for interesting women to follow.

I'm interested in politics, economics, journalism, feminism, comedy and pop culture but I also like random tweets about interesting things (some of the Mefites I follow, like madam jujujive, are great at this). Please give me your ideas on other women to follow.

To give you an idea of what kinds of things I like, here are examples of women I already follow and love:


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For humor: Megan Amram.
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We follow some of the same people, so maybe check out who I'm following. (I'd sort through it if I weren't supposed to be packing for a convention!)
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@miafarrow is interesting and varied. Her current, um, personal concerns are not part of her twitter life. She hits all the notes you're after.
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Linda Holmes is a favorite of mine. You might also like @AlyssaRosenberg.
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I could write up a list a hundred women long, BUT! Here are some highlights that immediately come to mind, for a variety of subjects.

@femfreq - Anita Sarkeesian
Video games and related media through the lens of feminism.

@SpcPlcyOnline - Marcia Smith
Editor of Space Policy Online, excellent source for news if that's a topic that interests you.

@NPRMonkeySee - Linda Holmes
Pop culture commentary, excellent human.

@beatonna - Kate Beaton
Funny, prolific and accomplished cartoonist

@ComixAce - Heidi MacDonald
News and discussion about mainstream and indipendent comics, as well as the community surrounding them.

@iron_spike - Spike
A cartoonist and small press publisher who talks about a WIDE variety of extremely interesting stuff.

@NussbaumAbigail - Abigail Nussbaum
Israeli reviewer of (mostly) science fiction and fantasy books, films and television. She is the greatest, I'm so glad she's finally on Twitter.

@whitneyarner - Whitney Reynolds
Just a funny, interesting lady. Occasionally writes for The Toast.
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Also @TheBloggess is good on Twitter. Humour and humanity.
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@TriciaLockwood and @aliendovecote
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Ursula Vernon is funny, multi-talented and awesome!
Noelle is... also funny, multi-talented and awesome!
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Personal favorites:

@rgay - wonderful writer, lots of thoughtful tweets on race, feminism, writing, and baby elephants.
@moscaddie - sassy, smart & hilarious. She runs the critiquemydickpic tumblr and is my absolute favorite these days.
@thebeheld - writes about beauty, aesthetics and women, very provocative.
@charlotteNB - expensive prostitute, amazing writer and hilarious lady. Highly recommended.
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Anthropologist Barbara J. King @bjkingape . She also blogs at NPR.
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Onion AV Club/Low Times Podcast host Maggie Serota.
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@mindykaling @SarahKSilverman @literaticat (literary agent) @iamsambee @emilystraubel (columnist) @seriouspony
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@mallelis @ohheygreat @Beyerstein @SaraJBenincasa @maura
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Joyce Carol Oates: she's a bit of a troll, but a prolific and amusing one.
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I love @feministhulk. Not a woman per se, but I would be very surprised if there's not a female author behind the twitter persona.
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@margaretcho @monaeltahawy @pimimond @TheRealRoseanne @jennyslate @BiancaJagger @Genny_Spencer @yokoono @lisaling @camanpour
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I like @kristenschaaled.
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I read almost exclusively weird/spooky Twitter and women comedians for some reason. So here it is:

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Gabriella Coleman @BiellaColeman Internet culture

Lindsey Fitzharris @ChirurgeonsAppr Medical history, sometimes weird

@NellaLou eclectic

Sarah Kendzior @sarahkendzior Politics, feminism, columnist for aljazeera.
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My fave is comedian @julieklausner
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+1 for Julie Klausner. Writer Susan Orlean is good too.
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Some good people I haven't seen mentioned yet:

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@robicellis is hilarious (and made of cupcakes!)
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@caitlinmoran is great.
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@katienotopolous (weird twitter)
@MargaretAtwood (yes, that Margaret Atwood; the conversations are more fun than the regular tweets so it helps to follow some of the people she follows)

And seconding loads and loads of the rest of these recommendations.
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Some European/British Isles suggestions:

@helenlewis - journalist, left-wing, gamer, feminist.
@caitlinmoran - journalist, author, feminist, funny.
@antiroom - Irish feminists, interesting slant on women's rights, good links
@wmarybeard - classicist(!), feminist, funny, smart
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Ah, and @PennyRed of course.
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Oh and:
@Caissie (Caissie St. Onge, TV comedy writer)
@lindsayism (Lindsay Robertson, pop culture writer/editor)

(Just noticing people as they pop up in my feed!)
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@emwatson - Emma Watson
@theEllenShow - Ellen DeGeneres
@pink - P!nk
@nancypelosi - Nancy Pelosi
@naomialderman - Naomi Alderman
@tatianamaslany - Tatiana Maslany
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Response by poster: These are all perfect recommendations, thank you so much! Some of them I already follow, but I'm finding a lot of new-to-me people which is awesome and also a little sad that there are all these awesome women on Twitter that I've missed for so long. I'm still making my way through these suggestions (so maybe a few have been mentioned), but if anyone has any thoughts on women specifically who tweet about finance/econ, I would love to add more of them to my feed. Right now I follow a lot of guys that I really like in this area, but I'm having a hard time finding women. @Frances_Coppola and @izakaminska (who I mentioned above) are two, but a some of the men that I follow that I like in this area are:


Thanks for all the suggestions so far!
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For econ/policy:


Tech stuff:

pop culture:
@brokeymcpoverty (tweets a LOT)
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Seconding @seriouspony and @biellacoleman .

Politics, pop culture, and organizing: @cbracy

Writing and feminism: @andrhia

Intersectional feminism with some pop culture as well: @omgjulia and @kavbojka and @nkjemisin

Finance: check out @jamiemzimmerman, @chrissiy, and @KMcGowan .
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Here are some of my favorite twitterers that haven't been mentioned. My twitter feed mostly skews mostly towards activist politics and technology journalists:

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Seconding these amazing twitterers:
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@pennyred - Laurie Penny, writes for New Statesman & the Guardian
seconding @monaeltahawy - journalist/author
@juliepagano - lots of good stuff about women in tech
@profragsdale - Rhonda Ragsdale, history prof & sociologist
@MsJackMonroe - anti-poverty campaigner in the UK & Guardian columnist
@amaditalks - feminist, social worker
@redlightvoices - Flavia Dzodan
@melissagira - Melissa Gira Grant, writes for the Nation & the Guardian
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Cavaet: She's a friend of mine but she's also a friend of Laurie Penny and the like - @mollycrabapple, artist and journalist, talks a lot about war journalism, prisoner's rights, and EFF causes., retweets and follows lots of awesome people along an interesting art/politics axis.
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Some comedy names I haven't seen yet:
@perlapell (omg no one mentioned her?! she's awesome. been a writer for SNL forever.)

And to change it up, here are some finance-oriented twitter accounts run by women:
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