How easy to sublet a Long Island City apartment?
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My girlfriend and I are thinking of re-signing a twelve-month lease, but we know we don't want to stay for the entire lease. How likely will we be able to sublet our Long Island City apartment, just across the river from Manhattan?

I think the apartment is a pretty good price, one bedroom, decent amount of space, about twenty-five minutes door-to-door to Times Square. But would this be stupid--would we not be able to unload the apartment? We actually picked up a mid-way lease in this same building, and we asked just to be sure, so we know management won't put up roadblocks to transferring or subletting the lease. But will enough people be interested for someone to bite? We'd probably list the apartment for starting in June, July, or August. There'd be about six months left on the lease. (P.S. We already tried to negotiate, and they refused to sign a shorter lease than twelve months, for any reason.)
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In my experience it should be very easy to fill a sublet in NYC in the summer and fall. I tried to rent a sublet in LIC two summers ago and places would be gone by the time I had called, on the same day of the listing.
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Easy. We just sublet a place like this in an LIC building for 3 months. The building made it a hassle but there were a number of such apartments, and they seemed to rent at a reasonable clip, especially those that (slightly) discounted the rent.
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How much and where is it? I might be interested. ..memail me.
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