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Pulling my hair out trying to find the name of a story I read as a teenager in Omni Magazine. The story starts in Finland or Iceland or somewhere similar (as I recall being unable to pronounce the name of the city under siege) in the 19th century.

There is war afoot and a particular officer is targeted by a band of rebels in the dystopian future to terminate as he is the ancestor of someone they want to "remove" from the future.

Somehow this rebel group is able to effectuate the death of this officer and the subsequent time continuum wipes out the future.

Any thoughts on the name of the story and/or issue number.

Much thanks,

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If it is any help the full run of Omni is up on The Internet Archive
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Response by poster: Hah, I answered my own question. The keyword I couldn't recall until I framed the question here on MetaFilter was "siege". The short story is Under Siege by George RR Martin. Appeared in the October 1985 edition which is NOT included in the Omni Internet Archive which I previously scoured.....but now I know I can find it somewhere.
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Under Siege is included in George RR Martin's short story collection Dreamsongs: Volume II.
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