Tween party games
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Please suggest some indoor party games that have gone over well with tween (10-11 year old) girls.

Lots of ideas available on google but I'm looking for personal experience. Thanks!
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Apples to Apples, for sure.
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Are card games okay? Me and my friends used to have a great time with spoons when we were that age.

Also, kids that age like the handshake murder game.

Neither of these are particularly girly, they're just goofy and fun with large groups.
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Forgot to mention, there will be about 10 girls. I don't mind card games but it might be hard to teach them to such a big, distractable group...
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Minute To Win It games.

I loathe mandatory fun, but we used to do them to kick off our quarterly company meetings and it was actually pretty okay. Though there was nearly a fistfight over the director of sales cheating in the 'stack three apples on top of each other' game.
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When I was that age, we had a lot of fun making outfits out of garbage bags + kitchen accessories (foil, plastic wrap, paper towels). Sounds weird when I type it out, but we had a blast.

Also, perler beads.
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My 12 year old and her friends love Werewolf. (argh - on preview, werewolf is a mafia variant!)
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Loaded Questions Junior Version is fun and leads to giggling, though with that many players you might want to modify the rules a little to make it faster. Electronic Catchphrase is a lot of fun and will take that many people.
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My 10-year-old is here to suggest:

Honey, Do you love me? and The Cup Game, although The Cup Game takes some practice.

At her recent birthday party, some kids already knew the cup game, and others learned as they went along.  Then it turned into singing along with You're Gonna Miss Me and eventually to just about any song they knew.  Loud and obnoxious, but really super fun. It transferred back to school afterward, where they created variations to the game's rhythm.

Have fun!
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Pass the parcel with a little gift for each girl and a truth or dare inside. My mum did lip balms at my 13th and it was awesome. We were lip balming all night!
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win lose or draw
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Mafia was huge when I was that age.
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Thanks for all the great answers. Marking the ones my daughter liked best. I think mafia/werewolf et al will be ideal for next year.
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Depending on the size of the space, I liked Sardines.
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