Trying to get in touch with a former army recruiter
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I am a journalist, and I am interested in speaking to someone who spent some time as a recruiter for the Army, but since the military is not my beat, I don't really have any connections within the veteran community. Any ideas about who I might contact to put me in touch with one?
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Memail me your email address and a description of your story.
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My brother-in-law was a recruiter for the Air Force. I could put you in touch with him if that is helpful.
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Many universities (esp. state schools) have either ROTC programs or offices that handle veterans' issues. If your local university has such an office, I'd bet someone there could direct you to a recruiter.
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Have you tried HARO?
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Have you called your local recruiting stations?
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Other than local recruiting stations, there's also the US Army Recruiting Command's website,
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Might try the local American Legion office / chapter. You should be able to just walk in and introduce yourself, and ask about leads. Another place to try is the VFW.
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In addition to HARO, you could also try ProfNet, SourceBottle, or MediaKitty.
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