Portable document scanner, for long documents
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I am looking for a portable document scanner that will scan longer than legal size pages.

In my search to find a portable document scanner that will scan longer papers than legal size documents, I found only Brother DS-720D. There are other variants as well, but this is kind of sweet spot scanner in the range.

Majority of portable document scanner users are happy with Scansnap S1100 or later, but this scanner does not scan long documents. There is a trick, but I don't want to spend more money than Brother DS-720D and get a scanner that does not have native functionality I need.

Lifehacker crowd is happy with Doxie Go, but it is not the best scanner. Amazon reviews give you fine details of why someone should avoid it for anything more than routine letter size scanning.

Neat receipts is a good scanner, but the software it comes with is proprietary and there are enough reviews about the software itself that one should stay away from it. Neat software developers have repeatedly abandoned their customers when it comes to Neat software upgrade and their locked data in their software.

I am not interested in wand scanners. They look really handy, VuPoint has got really good idea on hardware, but I am not quite sure of their scanning quality.

I do not want to use smartphone app. They don't even come close the traditional scanners. I have tried really various apps and 5-stars to these apps make me wonder what quality of 'scans' folks are ready to accept.

Can you folks point me to a scanner that is better than Brother DS-720D that I should consider? The requirements -
- The price range should be around $120-150.
- Scans document longer than legal size document (Brother DS-720D scans 32-inch long document).
- Scans receipts, cards and regular documents.
- Preferably has a software for receipt scanning.
- Resolution, around 600dpi (although I usually scan at 200dpi).
- Must be portable, preferably powered by the USB, so that when I travel internationally, I do not have to fiddle with the voltage.
- Absolutely no need of scanning into cloud or Evernote etc. or OCR.

Thank you all for your collective intelligence.
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users are happy with Scansnap S1100 or later, but this scanner does not scan long documents.

Are you sure? On other ScanSnaps you can hold down (rather than press) the scan button to scan long documents.
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Scansnap S1100 maxes out at 34 inches in length.
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I have this wand thing (VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner) and as far as I know it keeps scanning as long as you keep smoothly moving it down the page. Unfortunately I don't have it handy so I can't test the maximum length for you.
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