Vacationing soon to Port St. Lucie / Fort Pierce area - would love tips!
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What nature trails are recommended in the area? What tours are there [art, science, culture, nature] that are budget-friendly and deep in interesting information? Where is the best beach within an hour?

March 1-8, I will be staying at a nice house in Port St. Lucie. Why? Because it's free through a family friend. I am excited to leave my frigid michigan weather and enjoy some sun and hopefully some nature.

I like Geocaching, not being mugged, pizza, being warm, nature trails, exploring, arcades, board games, and a few other things. Really I'm going to spend most of my time biking around my neighborhood, looking for adventure on my own, but I would love suggestions for day trips.

Most resources I've found say "plan on going to orlando/miami to do anything" but I'm not looking to do special-big-city stuff, just a relaxing trip around or an enjoyable activity. That said, a day in orlando or miami would not be out of the question.

Also, are there any everglades paths/tours that are recommended in case of me wanting to see the everglades?

Thank you so much!
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Best answer: This might be out of your range, and I'm from near the Orlando area and not exactly PSL, but I am a die hard New York Mets fan and they start spring training in Port St. Lucie the week you're vacationing.

Even if you're not a huge baseball fan, it's a cool experience. It's significantly cheaper than regular-season baseball and it has a better fan-to-player experience than the regular season as well. I used to make the pilgrimage every year (and might this year as well, though it's my university spring break and I'm spending the majority of it in Key West), and I'd recommend seeing at least one game while you're in town.
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Best answer: I grew up not far from there in Vero Beach. If you want a few natural things to do, I love Sebastian Inlet State Park. It's got a great beach and exploring the inlet and the estuary side is really wonderful for hiking and fishing. I love wading through the tidal pool looking for what got washed in there.

McKee Jungle Gardens is a nice historical botanical garden and very close to the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area. I've only been there once, and we really loved it. If you are into birds, bring binoculars and a good birding book with a few post-its on the wading birds section. Also, always look where you are going. Banana spiders really like large webs over the trail. has some pretty great descriptions of the various places to go while you are out there.
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Response by poster: These are both amazing suggestions already. I love both ideas.

Thank you both so much! I'd love any other suggestions along these lines!
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Best answer: Sebastian Inlet has a ranger led kayak tour. The Environmental Learning Center has a good guided walking tour. Ft. Pierce has an inlet park too, but it has less going on. I only go there if I hear the fishing has been good.

ELC's calendar of events doesn't go out as far as your trip, the the Inlet calendar does.
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The Smithsonian runs a small aquarium there.
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