William Castle Novel - What Was It Called?
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About 30 or 35 years ago I read a fictional novel that featured a character based on William Castle. The novel was written from from the perspective of a screenwriter or avid fan. The William Castle type character was very into the Occult, and the denouement of the paperback was very dark. What was this book called?
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Best answer: I am very confident you are talking about Flicker
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i think smoke's got it. "flicker" even featured a mysterious director named max castle.
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Best answer: Thanks for asking this question, now I have a new book I want to read. I had no idea Theodore Rozsak, a prominent social critic of the Sixties "movement," also wrote fiction! I read some of his books in high school for a paper I wrote on that era and they really stuck with me.
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Response by poster: Wow, was that quick!

I had no idea the author was so interesting. Thanks everyone.
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