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YA/children's book featuring a magic-brownie baking witch. More details after the jump.

Asking for a friend here, who has been coming up short in her own searches. Here's her description:

When I was somewhere between 8-12, I read a book about a boy who is in elementary or middle school. The school is doing a fundraiser and he raffles off yard work. Unfortunately for him, the old lady hermit (that everyone thinks is a witch) wins the bid. He goes to her house to do the yard work and she gives him some snacks. I think they were brownies? These "special brownies" (No-I'm not making this up...) turn him into whatever he thinks of when he eats them. (Turns out, she *is* a witch, but is actually pretty cool.) Somewhere in the story, he turns into a rat, I believe. That's all I got. Anybody know what book I'm talking about?
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No Such Thing as a Witch? Fudge, not brownies, though.
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Might be worth browsing through Ruth Chew's other books if it's not that one. Thematically they fit.
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Seconding Ruth Chew!
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Your description has some similar elements to Just Only John, but it's not quite right. If it's the book your friend wants, the illustrations will probably confirm it.
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It has biscuits/cake, a small boy and a witch...! Margaret Mary's The Witch in the Cherry Tree?
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Response by poster: Thanks all! She figured it out via a librarian friend. For future reference, it was Witch Lady Mystery by Carol Beach York
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