Winter NYC getaway for people who don't ski.
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The lady and I would like go away for a couple of nights this weekend. Preferably to somewhere relaxing. We don't ski, and have little interest in winter sports generally. Where can we go?

We usually go to another Northeast city (Philly, DC) during President's Day weekend but this year we might want to go somewhere a little slower-paced. Somewhere that we can get cozy while relaxing and taking in the winter scenery, but also have a nice meal or maybe go to a museum. Does this place exist near NYC?

Here are our qualifications:

Good accommodations for less than $150/night, preferably less than $120/night. It doesn't have be fancy, but it should be cozy and comfortable and (hopefully) have more character than a chain motel. FYI, we are big fans of AirBnB, but find that it is not always useful outside big cities.

Some cultural opportunities that can be enjoyed despite the cold weather - museums, historic sites, etc.

Good restaurants. Simple, local stuff is always nice, but we're not too picky as long as there's some strong dining options.

As it says on the tin, skiing and winter sports don't interest us. But nearby scenic drives and/or short hikes (though it might be a bit cold for the latter this weekend) would be great.

At most, a 3-hour drive from Brooklyn.

So...any ideas, hive mind? Thanks!
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You could AirBnB somewhere up by New Paltz and check out the Mohonk Preserve. That's about 90 minutes. If you want to drive just about 3 hours, you could go up to the Berkshires.
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What about New Haven? There are some museums and such to check out around the Yale campus, and there's got to be a B&B you could stay in. They have their own specific style of pizza! (And probably other good dining options, too, of course.)
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Hudson Valley.
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If you can bear 4 hours instead of 3, I cannot recommend a weekend at The Roxbury highly enough. I've been there five times over the years, with friends and with my husband, and I adore it. The less expensive rooms are very reasonable, there's a cozy low-key spa, and lots of great food and easy hikes in the area.
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I should add that we've done a lot of the standard NYC weekend getaways: Catskills, Hudson Valley, other big Northeast cities. I used to go to the Poconos a lot when I was a kid. We've also done a few places in New England, as she is from there.
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Doylestown, PA or Princeton, NJ? Doylestown has some great little museum/sites, though admittedly if the storm hits our area hard that might cause issues.
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Newport, RI? Touring the mansions is actually a lot of fun and it's cheap in the winter.
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Just to think outside the box:
It only takes 3 hours to fly from NYC to the Bahamas (Nassau), and you can be pretty sure there will be no snow.
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I would look into going out to the Hamptons. There will be some restaurants open, the beaches are amazing (if not cold) this time of year, it will be relaxing and quiet, and I suspect you can find a cozy B&B. I have visited friends out there on a winter weekend and have had a most delightful time.
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Maybe Northampton, MA? Small but interesting college town, lots of local events, walkable town center and crawling with YA authors.
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Have you been to Lancaster, PA? It has a very cute downtown with plenty of restaurants and lots of historical interest.
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Explore whaling history in New Bedford, or meet me for a beer in Edgartown.
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