Happy Val Day!
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Looking for Valentine-themed donation gifts that do not involve anything being physically mailed.

I like to go sort of over the top for my sister on Valentine's Day (her name is Val, it's a tradition). I usually mail her weird stuff, but she's about to move and would kill me if I actually sent her anything. I name a roach for her every year, I'd like to do more like that. Ideally she will get something 'back' for these, for instance, she'll get an emailed certificate from the Bronx Zoo. Nothing physical, just something sent by email/text. The funnier/stranger the better, please!
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Best answer: Grant her a Scottish Lordship. That one comes with a physical thingy, but she'd get to be a Lady.
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p.s. And in the future all Valentine's gifts can be addressed to Lady Torika's Sister, which means it's the gift that keeps on giving.
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Oh! Adopt a Manatee savethemanatee.org has a Valentines Day thing. I'm sure you could tell them not to send the ornament (but it's really cute).
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Heifer.org is so cool. You choose your donation level, they send an animal of the appropriate cost to someone in need in a third world country and they send a nice note of thanks. They tell you how the animal will be used -- the goat, for example, is used for milk and then to breed with other goats and to then sell the excess milk and meat. So it's not a gift the utility of which fades with time. Instead, it becomes more useful with time.
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Best answer: In her honor, you could name an item at a homeless shelter in Durham, North Carolina. Not only does your donation help out people in need, but you get to make your sister an awesome customized digital poster that you can email or post on her FB wall.

http://namesforchange.org is the website.

A couple of the 150+ items available for naming, that might work for your purposes:

A tampon. A teddy bear. Vienna sausages. A roll of toilet paper. Pie. A can of processed meat product.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I went with namesforchange because naming tampons after my sister is hilarious, but these are all great suggestions. I'm totally granting someone a Scottish Lordship as soon as the opportunity presents itself.
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