ACA insurance in New York. Gold Health Republic PrimarySelect plan?
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We need to pick ACA insurance in NYC and after some research are most likely going with the Gold Health Republic PrimarySelect plan (which uses MagnaCare's network.) Is there a very good reason to not go with Health Republic or PrimarySelect, considering what the other NY options are? We're not eligible for PrimarySelect EPO or else we would have gone with that. thanks so much.
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Without giving a lot more information on your family's situation, anticipated medical needs, etc. than you should really disclose on the Internet, you probably won't get a helpful answer here.

I advise getting in touch with a local Health Insurance Navigator or In-Person Counselor (.pdf listing of New York navigators is here). They are funded through state and/or federal grants and are required to offer free, neutral advice on health insurance plan selection and enrollment.

Full disclosure: I am a health insurance navigator in Illinois.
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