What are some good adventure romance movies or TV shows?
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I'm looking for movies like The Mummy (the first two), The Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one), Ever After, and Prince of Persia that have light, fun (science fiction or fantasy) adventure and a cute couple. The Princess Bride might fit. (I plan to watch it this week.) TV shows would work too. I like the Adriane/Jason love story in Atlantis, and I like Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Thanks in advance!
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Try John Carter. It flopped in theaters, but I thought it was pretty good, and fits the feel that you're looking for.
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The Adventures of Tintin movie from 2011 is awesome!
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Oh my gosh. Stardust!
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Its a bit older but you might like Romancing the Stone.
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Kind of orthogonal, since it's not fantasy or science fiction but The Thin Man has Nick and Nora Charles who are my favourite on-screen couple.
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The Mummy
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I came in to recommend Legend of the Seeker which I've seen on Netflix in the past, but it's not there anymore. You can get it on Amazon Instant, but only for purchase ($1.99 per episode).

It has a "we can never act on our love because magic" element and they cram as much plot into one episode as other shows do in three. It's a bit silly and slightly campy, but also earnest if that makes sense. The lead female characters kick serious ass.
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Prince Valiant - Katherine Heigl before she was cool
National Treasure - Just the first one
Neverending Story
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Don Juan de Marco
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The Librarian Movies with Noah Wylie might fit the bill. They are pretty darn silly and adorable, but definitely have that adventure/romance/quest for the mysterious ancient artifact thing going on.
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Peachfuzz beat me to Stardust; if you wind up liking The Princess Bride, then you will probably like that too.

Indiana Jones movies may be an idea, specifically Raiders of the Lost Ark, which has arguably the best love interest.

If you're open to Sci-Fi too, then Serenity has a few cute pairings, and is a decent movie. It has its moments of funny, too. Also Galaxy Quest. It's mostly a light comedy, but it's kinda adventure too. There is a bit of love interests in it.

Also, pretty much any Marvel studios superhero movie. They're not everyone's cup of tea, but, all of them tend to have adventure. Some of them have cute couples. Avengers, the first couple of Iron Man movies, Captain America, both Thors, and Spiderman I and II (with Tobey, not the remake) all have romance and adventure.
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A bit of a reach maybe, but the show Xena: Warrior Princess? I grew up watching it as my fun adventure of choice, and Xena and Gabrielle are a cute couple. YMMV on how platonic/not platonic you find them I suppose.
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Not perhaps "light" enough for you, but Tarsem Singh's The Fall is a fabulous piece of complex adventure story telling (it has some intriguing parallels with The Princess Bride.)
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The Adventures of Tintin movie from 2011 is awesome!

It is awesome, but it fails on the OP's "cute couple" requirement -- for the heteronormative romance-based definition of "cute couple" at least.

(If your definition isn't so strict, there's probably two, maybe three pairings that could conceivably count as such.)
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TV - The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., starring Bruce Campbell.

It's from the '90s, but you'll recognize some of the same aw-shucksy thing Brendan Fraser's doing in the Mummy series; the recurring love interest is played by Kelly Rutherford.

Also light, and with a lady partner-in-crime co-starring in every episode (Angela Marie Dotchin), is Campbell's Jack of All Trades from 2000.
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And Romancing the Stone's counterpart Jewel of the Nile. No fantasy or SF, but adverturey is Undercover Blues. (I grew up with a lot of Kathleen Turner movies apparently)
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Movies: National Treasure, Sahara
TV Show: Pushing Daisies
Web: Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
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These might be on the silly side, but I'd recommend the Richard Lester Three Musketeers and Four Musketeers adaptations.

Also: King Solomon's Mines. (I guess I really like Richard Chamberlain.)
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The Fifth Element (sf)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (not fantasy/sf)
Robin Hood: Men in Tights (fantasy)
Little Shop of Horrors (movie version of the musical - fantasy)
2005 version of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (sf)
Clue (not fantasy/sf)
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The Last Starfighter is funny, romantic and a well-crafted adventure story.
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Also, Blast from the Past is fun. and not sure how cute you think Bill Murray is, but Groundhog Day is also nice.
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