Ethical flowers for Valentine's Day, UK?
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I'd like to get my "boo" some flowers for Valentine's Day that are as ethical and environmentally sound as is possible (given of course that I'm planning to buy a living thing that has been brought inside to die slowly!) I'm in the UK, so which types of flowers are likely to have covered the fewest miles? Lots of florists claim to be fair trade eco yada yada but few give advice. Any recommendations on London enviroflorists also appreciated.
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Here you go. Nothing in London though - the closest is Surrey or Milton Keynes. There are several other places that sell British grown flowers by post.

As to whether either of these are strictly ethical? It's hard to define. It might be ethical to cut down on travel miles, but there is potentially still a high energy cost for heating a polytunnel through winter.
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Flowers from Wiggly Wrigglers have always been well received, they're based in Herefordshire
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What MuffinMan says. Miles traveled does not necessarily equate pounds of carbon emitted.

Also, a manual laborer in a third-world export flower operation is almost certain to be earning a higher percentage of the average local wage for manual labor than someone working in a developed-world local-market flower operation.
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Are you set on buying an arrangement of cut flowers and not a living (potted) plant?
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