Did Itunes just remove some audiobooks? Where should I buy it now?
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I was going to buy James Ellroy's the cold six thousand on Itunes yesterday but opted to buy it tonight instead. I just logged on to Itunes store and it is no longer available. It was there yesterday. I have never purchased an audiobook from another source other than Itunes. What is the easiest way to do this. I like how Itunes loads them on my Ipod and keeps a "bookmark" when I swtich to listen to music. I've never used audible or simply audiobooks. Does anyone have any experience with these? Do they download into multiple mp3s? I am not having much luck. I was excited to listen to David Simon's Homicide until I saw that it was abridged with no unabridged version available. Just to avoid confusion, Itunes did not remove an audiobook I bought and loaded on my Ipod, but an audiobook was available in there store yesterday but not today. Thanks in advance
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I just checked and I saw the book you want in the iTunes Store. Maybe check again?
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I checked like cooker_girls, but I can't find that audiobook on iTunes either. I see the ebook, and the audiobook for LA Confidential, but no Cold Six Thousand. In the US, if that makes a difference.

I don't know much about getting audiobooks on iTunes, but I've been a subscriber on Audible for some time and I've loved it. Looks like the book you want is on there:


The nice thing about Audible is that having a membership makes getting lots of audiobooks much much cheaper. They routinely do sales of 3 credits for around $40 (which usually translates into 3 audiobooks) or sales of selected items for $5 each or 2 books for 3 credits, etc. And if you get an ebook version, generally the Audible audiobook gets heavily discounted, so you can have both formats at once! (This is especially useful when following Amazon daily ebook sales--get an ebook for $2 and the audio version for $5.) If you don't get audiobooks much, it might not be as good a deal for you, but if you want to get around 1 audiobook a month, it'll be around $16.37 an audiobook, which is much cheaper than buying it without a membership. I do a lot of bus commuting and walking and listening during housework, so it's been a real boon for me.

My iPod Touch has an Audible app that works pretty well for downloading the audiobooks, playing them, and keeping track of the place. You can also download it to your computer and sync it with iTunes, if you want to switch back and forth between computer and iPod. My boyfriend has a cheap Sansa Clip that he uses, so that's an option if you want a player with tons of cheap disk space (it can be expanded with an SD card), but sometimes that hardware forgets where it is, unfortunately.
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Audible.com does download long books as multiple mp3s. I don't recall if it keeps the bookmark when you switch to music if you use Itunes, though.
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You can use iTunes with audiobooks from other sources. Here's how.

Also Random House still has a link to it in iTunes, though the link doesn't work. So maybe it's an error on Apple's part. So it might be worth dropping them an email asking what's up, if you prefer to buy through them.
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I'm seeing it in iTunes also.
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Oh, sorry, that's the e-book, not the audiobook.
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Audible should work the way you want. They have a program that downloads audiobooks straight into iTunes, where they will end up under audiobooks. You can then put them on your iPod. Sometimes a book is broken up into two parts (or three for something really long), but it's not like a separate file for every chapter. Your iPod will also keep track of where you are in the book, even if you switch to music.
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Unless something has changed drastically recently, however, audible.com does NOT download as mp3s, it downloads as their highly DRMed .aa format. It's still a very nice site, etc, but the format is highly locked down and will only work on players that support the format. The only way to get it into an open format is to burn to CD and re-rip. (Many CDs for a book of any length.)
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Audible audio books play on so many different devices that the DRM doesn't really matter - as mentioned above, they work with iTunes, there are players for iPhones and Android, PCs and Macs, and a slew of mp3 players - I play them on my Sansa Clip Plus and my Archos 48. You might have issues if your only home computer is Linux though.
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Sorry, jferg is right. They are multiple music files, but they aren't actually mp3s.

As for how many files that will be, it depends. I have some books that are broken up into individual chapters, and some that are broken up into two or more parts.... and some 8 hour long ones that aren't broken up at all.
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