Software for computing the emotional intensity of messages?
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Remember around 2000 when the Eudora e-mail program came with Moodwatch, which claimed to find out how "hot" your messages were running by looking for swear words (and maybe sarcasm, I'm not sure?) I wonder, is there free or open source software somewhere that has done the same thing? Or has anyone reverse-engineered Moodwatch to figure out how it works?
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A story about Moodwatch: Its language filter once rejected my email to a client, the FAG Corp. in Germany. I think Eudora just prepared a dictionary of words they thought were naughty. The software was probably similar to a spell-check dictionary. (Hope somebody gives you a more technical answer.)
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The technical term for this is sentiment analysis. Wikipedia is as good a start as any if you want to know how it's done. A bit of searching found this, an extension to outlook to check your outgoing email.
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I don't know how Moodwatch specifically works, but another system for identifying hostile email messages is explained in Smokey: Automatic Recognition of Hostile Messages.

Edit: on searching, I found a whitepaper about mood watch specifically.
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Thank you. Turns out the Tonecheck plugin talks to an API produced by this company, which has a live demo for returning JSON such as "{dominant_emotion"=>"fear_uneasiness", "intensity"=>5.6}"
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For anyone who finds this thread in the future: this list was really useful.
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