How to I connect these two pipes together?
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This is a ridiculous question really that should be able to be solved by google, but I just can't find what I need. I have a female 1 and a half inch threaded pipe which I need to connect to a male 32mm connection. If it makes a difference flow will be going from the female to the male. Where can I buy (Preferably in the UK, even more preferably in London) a thing that will make this thing work.

Here are some pictures as well, why not.

this here is the male 32mm (I assume based on this website ) connector that I want to plug my hose into.

Actually.. looking at that website it implies it might be 1 1/4" so could I just use a 1 1/2" to 1 1/4" reducer? Is it that simple?
It needs to be a decent connection because it is a blackwater connection and I really don't want that overflowing.
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this might just be a 'call a plumber, get a quote' situation...they have tools for cutting off, extending, rethreading, and reconnecting the pipes...definitely cheaper than buying all those tools yourself, and probably quicker than scouring the earth for a possibly nonexistent connector.
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Here in the US, one of the connectors that are used in this type of situation is a Fernco. It might work for you with some modifiction to your coupling. However, Fernco's fail when the rubber wears out and they really make a mess. Call a plumber, as the tools to do this right so you never have to touch it again is going to probably cost the same as just calling a plumber to come fix it.
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If you decide to order the part, I got good service from this company:
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You could go to Home Base, B&Q, or Selco for the parts and advice on set-up. Or, youtube. Selco will probably be the closest option. Anywhere there is a Screwfix, you can find a Selco.
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Could you use a hex bushing, or what am I missing?
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I assume so yes. The problem I was having was that one side is Imperial and the other metric and I couldn't find a reducer that went from the one to the other.

I am now thinking that the reason I can't find one is that 32mm metric is identical to 1 1/4".
Can anyone confirm?
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Are your measurements inside or outside diameters of the pipes?
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32 mm is actually 1.25984 inches. Close but in plumbing that 0.00984 inches could really "screw" you over. Pipes and pipe threading especially in plumbing can have really tight tolerances. That said it may be possible to link the pipes with something called a compression fitting which is a little more tolerant to varying specs. Depends on various factors.
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looks like plastic pipe. (PVC?) Can you connect a female socket with a male pipe of the other size? What i'm implying is that you find something that doesn't quite fit (say a 1-1/2" socket with a 32mm pipe). Then you can sand down the outside of the smooth plastic pipe until it fits, and glue them together. You've then made your own adapter, and if properly glued, will never leak. Use the appropriate threaded connections to get everything plumbed up final.
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1-1/4" and 32mm are both nominal pipe sizes and not actual dimensions, and are the same pipe size. (reference). A 1-1/2"x1-1/4" adapter should work fine.
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Thanks bajema (and all).
That is what I sort of expected.

I have picked up a reducing bush from 1.5 to 1.25. I haven't had the daylight available to me to get down to fit it yet.
That explains why no one would sell me a 1.5 inch to 32mm connector. I must have looked like such a rube to the plumbing shop guys :)
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Oh by the way this is all working fine. Good work!
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