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I switched over to iCloud a number of months ago. I currently have rules set up in Apple Mail to filter incoming mail into folders. I want these emails but I don't want them in my inbox. The problem is it doesn't work as I anticipated. It would appear if Apple Mail isn't open, the rules won't apply themselves on my iPhone. And even if Apple Mail is open, the rule doesn't apply itself immediately, and my iPhone is pinged, I check my email, and then the email "disappears" into the folder. This is getting really f*cking annoying.

This isn't why I set up rules. I don't want to be notified of these bastard emails coming in; I'd rather go through them at a later time. I feel like what I want is "server level" filtering (you tell me what the correct lingo is), so my inbox stays clean and my day is uninterrupted.

Can someone please tell me if this is a known problem, if there is a better way to do this within the iCloud family, and if not, what type of mail service/technology I can use to resolve this nuisance? I'm committed to a Macbook Pro and iPhone.
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If you're using iCloud mail (@icloud.com or @mac.com or @me.com), this can be done through the webmail interface. It's where I have all the filters set up on my mac.com e-mail address. They never hit an inbox, whether Apple Mail is open or not.

If not, you can do this through Gmail.
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I could've sworn you couldn't do that via the web interface, but I found it under settings. Thanks, I'll give it a go. If not, back to gmail.
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It takes a few minutes to start filtering, so give it a bit after putting in the Rule.
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If not, you can do this through GMail.

Not exactly.

I have two GMail accounts. On both of these, I have set up certain filters so that when I get e-mails from certain people they hit a folder without me seeing them in the Inbox. It works great when I'm looking at my mail from a real computer! Not so much when I'm using the Mail app on my iPhone. I see the same behavior: iPhone gets pinged, I check my e-mail, and the e-mail "disappears" into the folder.
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