More Languidly Sultry Songs, Please!
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I love Lana Del Rey ridiculously, but I can only think of about one other song that pairs perfectly with her stuff: Chris Isaak's Wicked Game. What are some other artists or songs that fit into her languidly sultry niche?

The key things I'm responding to: An almost lazy delivery of the lyrics, weird sensuality, and big orchestration.

I don't mind that she has a crass commercial bent to her lyrics, in fact, I'd say that's part of what I might like about her (it fits in with all the Nabokov/Lolita stuff she references).

The other Chris Isaak songs I've listened to don't match up as well; Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing is a little too rockin', but could maybe pass. I'm not familiar enough with his oeuvre to cherrypick out the best Lana-esque tracks, so any recommendations there would be appreciated.

Let's see...more examples: Damien Rice almost hits it with Volcano, but most of his songs aren't quite sexy/trashy enough. Rufus Wainwright nails the sexy/languid delivery and orchestration on a lot of his stuff.

If it helps, it's the sort of stuff you'd listen to (or sing!) while getting increasingly drunk and rolling around on a big velvet heart-shaped bed after getting the phone call that your sexy criminal lover just got picked up by the cops again (for stealing a cherry red mustang) and won't be meeting you at the motel.
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Best answer: Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood's Some Velvet Morning!
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Something older, like Julie London ("Time for Love") or Delores Grey ("Warm Brandy") might fit. If you're okay with French, Serge Gainsbourg always pushes that button for me.
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Best answer: Seconding Nancy Sinatra. Bang Bang is a pretty obvious antecedent.

That 50s/60s-LA-filtered-through-the-90s vibe is really David Lynch-y, so Julee Cruise works, too. Lana could easily be a waitress at the Double R.
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Best answer: Chris Isaak's Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me), You Owe Me Some Kind of Love, Lie To Me, Wrong To Love You, etc...
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Best answer: Some, though not all, of Jessica Lea Mayfield's stuff hits that reverb-y foreshadowy sexiness, though not as fully orchestral (try this one).

Emily Wells' Becomes the Color and Mama's Gonna Give You Love both have a sort of post-destruction 4am feeling.
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Someone mentioned this here, I think, in a recent thread - Mazzy Star covers a lot of the same stylistic territory as LdR. Elysian Fields might also float your boat. However, I think I prefer Jennifer Charles working with Mike Patton and Dan the Automator on Lovage - that would definitely hit the sexy/trashy thing, though it's more trip-hop than big orchestra.
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London Grammar - Metal & Dust or Hey Now maybe?
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Black Velvet by Alannah Miles?
Goodnight Moon by Shivaree
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Fiona Apple - Slow like Honey
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Bryan Ferry - Slave To Love might be ridiculous enough. I'm sure he has some slower songs but I thought of his voice when I read your question.
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A lot of the songs on Shivaree's first album do this for me, especially Goodnight Moon.
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Paula Cole's Feelin' Love.
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Oh, also! Violet Indiana.
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Also...Vanessa Daou: Two to Tango
She's a particular guilty listening pleasure of mine
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Rufus Wainwright! Check out Go or Go Ahead or 14th Street.
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Oh d'oh, just read entire original post, sorry. Got too excited for the chance to post about Rufus.
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The Cowboy Junkies cover of "Sweet Jane"!

Or maybe "Crimson and Clover." Joan Jett has a rocking version, but I think Tommy James and the Shondells' version is way more sultry.
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PJ, of course, for the plaintive side of languid: Is This Desire?
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Check out Buddy's lyrics in What Kind of Woman is This
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How about If Love is a Red Dress by Maria mackee? Sorry I can't link my phone, but I like the version fr the Pulp Fiction soundtrack.
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Cowboy Junkies, Sweet Jane
Shivaree, Goodnight Moon
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(and this is what I get for not ctrl-F'ing before I post)
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Mojave 3
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Best answer: Charlotte Gainsbourg's 5:55. You might like some Portishead, like Roads and Glory Box. Peggy Lee's Is that all there is? Poe: Angry Johnny. Paloma Faith, though she may be less lazy and languid than you're seeking and more R&Bish, she's certainly odd enough though--check out New York and Do you want the truth or something beautiful?. Mazzy Star certainly falls on this spectrum: try Fade into you and Flowers in December. Golden Palominos: Gun.

(I love this question for selfish reasons)
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Best answer: Maybe MØ - Dust Is Gone fits?
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Oh, and Neko Case! Look for live stuff... Her Live in Austin album is wonderful dark alt-country, tinged with oil and blood and dust.
I'll Be Around
Furnace Room Lullaby
Deep Red Bells
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Manhattan by Cat Power
Sugar Buzz by K.D. Lang
Fever by Peggy Lee (a bit swingier than you might like)
Send in the Clowns by Barbra Streisand (ok, maybe more wistful than sultry but EVERYONE NEEDS TO HEAR THIS)
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Caramel, Suzanne Vega
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Best answer: Constant Craving-K.D. Lang

We all have our favorites.
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Also Suzanne Vega: My Favorite Plum
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Best answer: I almost didn't post this because I thought it was more on the emotional end of the sexy song spectrum, but then I listened to the Lana Del Ray song you linked to it and seems to be over there, too. So, not slinky-sexy, but bittersweet-sexy:

Rhye - Open

and if you're going to do that you might as well fuck it and do this too
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Come Away With Me
Norah Jones
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I am loving this thread and started a Spotify playlist and then a radio station from that playlist. The radio station is not being that accurate for me right now: it seems to think that since I put music from the 60s and then 90s on, I must want music that comes from the mid-70s. However! If you put *all* these songs into one playlist the Spotify Radio function might be useful at finding more.
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Best answer: Goldfrapp's CD Felt Mountain has some languid, sultry songs - with a big twist of weird. They're borrowing from a sixties sensibility, among other things.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everybody! The Jessica Lea Mayfield and Emily Wells tracks are perfect! And yes, Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang is a perfect example of the weird sexy older song. Goldfrapp is also bringing the weird to a perfect degree, and Poe hits a lot of the right notes but is too uptempo for this. I don't know who the female vocalist is for MØ - Dust Is Gone, but that worked well, too, and I'll probably find a Paloma Faith track that makes the final cut.

Sade and Norah Jones are too clean! Even when they get sexy, it's still so pure and nice and wholesome!

C'mon sea legs, I've also been making a Spotify list off of this, but figured I was being too specific for an algorithm to figure it out.
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Best answer: Fiona Apple has already been mentioned, but I think her song Criminal is a better fit for your criteria.
Beth Orton - She Cries Your Name
Dido - Here With Me
Morphine - The Night or Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer
Morrissey - Jack the Ripper ( I prefer the live version)
Tori Amos' version of I'm Not in Love
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A couple more that might work (I definitely always think of them as languid): The Style Council's Long Hot Summer (bonus: world's most absurd video) and It's a Very Deep Sea.
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Holly Cole did an album (Temptation) of Tom Waits covers that might fit your requirements. Falling Down. I Want You. etc.
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Oh! And if you want to go lo-fi on this feeling, my gawd but Angel Olsen is KILLING IT for me right now.
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Air -- Playground Love!
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Morrissey & Siouxsie - Interlude
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Billie Holiday - Crazy He Calls Me ?
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The Fiona Apple cover of Elvis Costello's I Want You might do it.
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Tupelo Honey
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Best answer: Les Yeux Ouverts by The Beautiful South is pretty close to that Lana del Rey song.

Across the Universe by Fiona Apple (Beatles cover) is definitely right there.

Fade Into You by Mazzy Star. Winner.

Say Something New by The Concretes. Gets more upbeat later, but still in the neighborhood.

The Twin Peaks theme by Angelo Badalamenti. Dreamy and languid. A mix of tender and sultry. This guitar sound is what I equate in my head with the word "languid"

Or try the version with soft female vocals called "Falling" by Julee Cruise

Song to the Siren by This Mortal Coil. Otherworldly, spooky, dreamy, beautiful.

Good Times by Edie Brickell. Sexxxay. Barry White cameos fix pretty much anything when sultry is called for.

Cruisin' by Gwynneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis. I know I know I know, but seriously. Sexy sultry sweet.

Boom Boom Ba by Metisse. Spooky exotic.

Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover by Sophie B. Hawkins. More upbeat. The song alternates between languid/quiet and more up/active, but the quieter interludes are tingly sexy.

Plainsong by the Cure. No lyrics but maybe the lushest song ever. Pretty languid too.

Every Day Is Like Sunday by Morrissey. Dat sultry bass guitar sound. Definitely orchestral.

Now My Heart Is Full by Morrissey. Breathy sultry intro voice, orchestral, anthemy.

Yes I Am Blind - Morrissey. Never thought of it as sultry, but it's there in there in the beat.

My Love Life by Morrissey. More upbeat, but it's got that Twin Peaks languid guitar/bass/whatever sound happening and Morrissey sexiness.

The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get by Morrissey. More upbeat, but irresistibly sexy.
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I have to add another Nick Cave song: Loverman.
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Sophie B Hawkins, Damn I Wish I was your Lover. Languid and upbeat at different times.
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Female of the Species - Space
Avalon - Roxy Music
Sooner or Later - Madonna
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I can't make you love me. Bonnie Raitt
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And.... thanks for the askme... this is a great playlist...
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More Gainsbourg senior: Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais ; Bonnie and Clyde

Velvet Underground, Venus in furs ; Pale blue eyes

Roberta Flack, The first time ever I saw your face

Beck, Paper tiger ; Lonesome tears ; Jackass

Timber Timbre, Black water ; Creep on creepin on

Leonard Cohen, Everybody knows (and um his whole discography)
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Bit on the nose but Bob Dylan, Lay lady lay

Gordon Lightfoot, Sundown
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Eleni Mandell
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Best answer: Coming Down by Dum Dum Girls
Islands by the XX
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There was a similar question a few months back looking for sad Lana Del Rey-ish music.

Seeing as we're going back to the sixties, what about a complete classic: Dusty in Memphis.

Cat Power's album The Greatest is beautiful and as languid as Lana del Rey. In the same sort of vein, Joan as Policewoman. Less languid, but no less beautiful - Kathryn Williams. Little Black Numbers is simply beautiful, but she has done several good albums, including a collaboration with Neill MacColl.

If you like Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra, there was a terrific cover album called Total Lee! which is often as good as the originals. You would also like Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan's collaboration, which is a modern retake on Lee and Nancy. Kurt Wagner and Cortney Tidwell have also had a decent collaboration, Kort, which is country covers.

If you like Goldfrapp, then I'm assuming you already know about Portishead, particularly Dummy. You would probably be interested in another album with a strong Bristol influence - Martina Topley Bird's Quixotic, another languid and rather lovely album. Going back even further, Portishead's haunting style can trace some its roots to albums like The Sundays' Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.
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kd lang - Miss Chatelaine
Hannah Georgas - Enemies
The Shortwave Set - Repeat To Fade (though it's a bit more lo-fi)
Maybe Pulp's This Is Hardcore and The Trees?

Quite a lot of Broadcast's output would fit in here too - especially Before We Begin.
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Try Nostalgia 77's "Sleepwalkers Society" and "A Journey Too Far" (the latter released today), which teams N77 with singer Josa Peit. Really good stuff and in a similar vein to what you're looking for.

Build a Spotify/Rdio playlist of what you've found and like when you're done? (c'mon sea legs -- willing to share yours?)
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Best answer: Alex Clare - Damn Your Eyes (Etta James cover)
Alex Clare - Caroline
Alex Clare - Relax My Beloved

More artists later...
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Best answer: Eilen Jewell- "Only One"
IMHO, great song, great singer, great band...
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Best answer: Such a cool question, cheers OP! I also love that fuzzy sexy dirty reverby sound.

Seconding "Creep On Creeping On" by Timber Timbre

Adam Green Cigarete Burns Forever
Apollo Sunshine We Are Born When We Die
BRMC Love Burns
Charlotte Gainsbourg In The End
Digital Daggers Head Over Heels
The Duke Spirit Wooden Heart
Dum Dum Girls Lord Knows
Ellie Ingram Canna Butter Kisses
Goldfrapp Lovely Head
Highest Order Lonely Weekends
Joan As Police Woman The Magic
Lotus Plaza Black Buzz
Raveonettes Forget That You're Young
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Tori Amos Cruel
(Sounds kinda dated now, but I loved it when it first came out.)
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Response by poster: Awesome awesome awesome, guys! I've compiled a Spotify list of these, and will tweak it a bit and it should be ready to share by Valentine's Day, in case any of you have criminal lovers and velvet beds.
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The Cowboy Junkies cover of "Sweet Jane".

I would recommend the whole album, Trinity Session from the Cowboy Junkies.

[Except possibly for the one song that has an annoyingly loud harmonica solo. I think it's the song, "I Don't Get It." If you download the whole album, I would consider skipping just this one track.]
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Permit me to recommend the YouTube channel La Belle Musique. Many, many female artists, many of their songs crushingly sultry.
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Best answer: Dirty Beaches — True Blue
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Zero 7: "Destiny"
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Best answer: Heard this this morning and was reminded of your question: The XX - Infinity
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Response by poster: Okay, here's our playlist: Some Velvet Evening.

A few tracks are missing since they're not available on Spotify. In particular, The Czars have a cover of Where the Boys Are that would be pretty perfect.
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Best answer: I don't care that there's 70 other posts ahead of this, this song is still the one you meant when you made it:

I Don't Know,, Ruth Brown

(Very close and also excellent:
Whatever Lola Wants, Sarah Vaughn
Sugar In My Bowl, Nina Simone. Be careful with Sugar on Spotify, there's about a hundred versions of it, some jazzier than others.)
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Best answer: And I'm gonna add Lucinda, who must be represented with the wonderful Fruits of my Labor.
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Another one from Space: Bastard Me, Bastard You. From their Avenging Angels single release.
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(Whoops - apologies, I posted that last comment in the wrong thread!)
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Madeleine Peyroux's cover of Elliott Smith's Between the Bars. I think someone recommended it here ages ago. I can not recommend this enough.

Also, for what it's worth, I prefer this cover of Wicked Game (full disclosure, a version of this cover was used in a short film I wrote). It's more haunted than the original, and so beautiful.

Portishead and much of Zero 7 will fit this. A lot of Beach House will too.
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