Help me identify memoir of woman who eloped with itinerant photographer
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When a family friend was an early teen, she read a memoir/autobiography by a young woman from somewhere in the Midwest (if she remembers correctly) who eloped with an itinerant photographer and spent the rest of her life accompanying him through Africa and other exotic venues. My friend thinks the author's surname started with "O". The friend says: "Her adventurousness inspired me, although I was too well indoctrinated to follow her example."
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I neglected to mention that the friend was a teen fifty-some years ago.
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Sounds like it might be "I Married Adventure: The Lives of Martin and Osa Johnson"
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The Safari Museum in Osa's hometown details their life. It was one of the gems of my roadtrip through KS.
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You're amazing, answering the question in just a few minutes! It took me longer to reach my friend and confirm that you indeed identified the book. Thank you so much!
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