Please recommenced me some "political" music that fits my vegan tastes?
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I like Dead Prez, disposable heroes of hiphoprisy, Defiance Ohio, Good Clean Fun, propagandhi. Bands that sing about veganism, health, discipline, organization, how corporations suck, how religion sucks, dumpster diving, tofu, vegetables, honesty, being a good human being, cooking, gardening, etc. A lot of songs may seem cheesy, or corny, but I don't think they are, and I don't mind it. I prefer rap, but other genres are ok too. Even this youtube video "read a book" is good.
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Spearhead is Michael Franti's project since Disposable Heroes stopped making albums. Different sound, but similar ethos.
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Conner Oberst related bands such as, Deseparacidos, might work for you.
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If you want more folk-punk like Defiance, Ohio, I imagine a lot of other Plan-it-X bands would appeal to you like Abe Froman, Operation: Cliff Clavin, The Devil is Electric, Ghost Mice, One Reason, Rosa, Spoonboy...
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Strike Anywhere
Immortal Technique (note: he's a bit of a loon)
Killer Mike
Jedi Mind Tricks

I assume you're already cranking Minor Threat and Fugazi, right?
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Seven Seconds
Hardcore, not rap.
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Velvet Acid Christ.
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Any of Pat the Bunny's projects. Currently, it's Ramshackle Glory. In the past, he's been Wingnut Dishwasher's Union and Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains.
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Capitalist Casualties
Napalm Death

If you aren't already listening to them: Dead Kennedys
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Surprised Rise Against hasn't made the list yet. Lots up there is good too. Star Fucking Hipsters. The Coup.
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She's a lot folksier than you might be looking for, but Mirah sings about many of the things you are interested in on her album "To All We Stretch the Open Arm" (and maybe on other albums, but that's the only one of hers I know).
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Also rather folksy, but you'd probably like Richard Garvey's music. He writes about all of those things.. I particularly like his "Neighbors" song. The band name is Far From Rich.

Full Disclosure: I've heard him live (and it's much better than his recordings), and he is the ex-boyfriend of a close friend of mine.
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Macklemore, The Flobots, Blue Scholars, Common Market.
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Crass- Best Before 1984.
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The Refused.
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Certainly not rap, but Evan Greer's "Riot Folk" music might appeal to you.
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Blue Scholars
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Similar to Connor Oberst is Xavier Rudd - I think you'll like that.
Also, my friend Keeth's band Harmonica Pocket. =)
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Jeffrey Lewis' covers of Crass, from the 12 Crass Songs album.
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Early Oingo Boingo & The Box Tops
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