I'm looking for a construction paper thats like back velvet
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I'm looking for a construction paper thats like back velvet. I feel like I've seen this out in the world before but Im not having any luck with the googles. I am attempting to do a screen printed concert poster in the style of a 70s dayglo black velvet poster, so I need a paper with that look and feel, if it exists.
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What you want is flocked paper
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You might be thinking of velour paper; it's traditionally used by pastel painters, usually comes in white, black, creams, greys and a variety of subdued tints. Hahnemühle makes a very high quality acid free velour paper, but I believe there are other sources.
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Go to a good quality art supply store. They should have it.
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Check out Light-Absorbing Black-Out Paper. I think this is where I bought the piece I have but I certainly don't remember it costing so much.
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Best answer: You're looking for flocked paper, but it's really hard to screenprint onto flocking. It gets goopy and weird. For the effect you're looking for, you can buy spray-on flocking. Then you could screen print whatever you want on whatever paper is best for your ink, let it dry, cover the printed part, and spray black flocking onto the rest. It takes a little practice to get the hang of an even spray, but once you've got it, you'll have what you need.
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