Outrageously gaudy or tacky pajama sets
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We're looking for extremely gaudy or tacky cotton or flannel pajama sets, for men and women.

Think huge screen-printed pictures of cats or sharks or camels or other animals, or childish popular characters in adult sizes, or throwback merchandise tie-ins (perhaps cheesy 70-80s television, B-movie rubber monsters, 60s-80s teen heart-throbs, etc.), or anything that would be very odd, weird, or unusual on adults in a public place, or even just even weird to have on pajamas at all. Big images! Front and back! Striking! Bold! Memorable! Eye-hurting! Mind-bending! Perhaps people will see it and say, "I haven't thought about that in years." Maybe it utterly fails at being cute while trying too hard? Or it features massive inscrutable images from non-Anglo pop culture? Nothing see-through or otherwise revealing, though a little silk or lace is fine. A low price is important but we'll take all suggestions. No Paul Frank -- it's all ugly and it's nowhere near absurd enough. Hello Kitty is cute but now considered ordinary. Difficulty: XXL sizes needed for women. Willing to order from overseas.
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Is sushi weird enough? It would be a pop culture reference for viewers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but would perhaps surprise others.
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Surely this would be the time to use the Pajama Gram company. Hoodie-Footie pajamas for everyone, even the dog!
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Nick & Nora at Target? Bees, Owls, etc.
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A different kind of outrageous is the old fashioned dowdy nightwear like this:
Mens' nightshirts
and a coordinating ladies night gown.
I'd go for both in flannel plaid.
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Maybe we're asking for too much but we've seen all of these and none of them go beyond ordinary. We're looking at cosplay stuff on eBay right now, which is promising.
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I think you might have further luck with Jumpin Jammerz.
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