The journey is what matters...
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I'm trying to find a short one shot comic I used to be able to find fairly easily but it seems my google-fu has weakened. Description: It has no words. starts off with a girl and a boy under a tree and she sends him to find a flower. He comes back and sees a mark left on the tree and someone riding off with the girl. Epic journey ensues to try to deliver the flower involving slavery, swashbuckling etc. and his only guide is asking about the symbol. At the end of the journey to confront the big evil, it turns out the mark was hers. She's the bad guy. He looks around, looks at who he's become, realizes he's awesome and leaps from the window to freedom. The End.
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"My Hero" by Matt Rhodes, in the Anthology Project v. 1?

(click on the My Hero link, some preview pages will pop up)
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That's it! I didn't even know it was a legitimate thing, just a comic that floated in the Internet ether.
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Here's the actual comic.
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