What should a single girl do on Valentine's Day?
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I have a killer red dress, and I really want to go out and wear it on Valentine's Day somewhere. But where?

I'm 25 and in Austin.

Complications: I have no beau. I can't spend a lot of money. Most things will be very crowded with couples. It has to be after 7:30 PM.

My friends are basically all doing things with their boyfriends. I am meeting some of them later that weekend, but I just really want to get made up, wear my red dress, and go somewhere anyway.

Not looking to go to a bar and get laid or go on a bad OKC date. Want to do something fun. Open to unorthodox answers. I guess the red dress is optional if it has to be, the main point is going somewhere and doing something. What do single people do on Valentine's?
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Meetup has a few 2/14 events posted that might fit the bill:

- RSVP Fri.02/14/14 Kizomba VALENTINE House Party, DJ Ernesto,Potluck, BYOB,Dance

- Adelbert's Brewery Happy Hour, Yes, on Feb 14th!
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Do you like the symphony? Does Austin have a symphony? That's the sort of thing I'd have a lot of fun doing, getting dressed up and going to a performing arts event, maybe one with a higher ticket price than usual.
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If a bar isn't doing a special Valentine's thing it will probably have many other single people there.
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You could go see Romeo and Juliet on the big screen, live from Broadway. It starts at 7:30 though.
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Just embrace the ridiculousness and go have a dance party in 7-11, Reality Bites style. Bring your own music if you must. Slurpies are a must have party accessory.
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People watch while having a drink or two on the terrace at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel then go see Trios Los Vigilantes next door.
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You can do whatever you'd do in a couple, or on a non-Valentine's Day night. Go out to dinner or to a club or an art opening. Do whatever you think is fun!
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Lock & Key Party?

You walk around with a lock (guys have the keys) and you look around trying to find your match. It's a great mixer.
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Wow, thanks guys! Awesome answers from everyone.

I didn't anticipate that my problem was going to be having too many awesome things to do, and I'm kind of thrilled that's my new problem.

Question is still open for more suggestions of course, but I'm sure I can find something here. Yay!
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When I was single on valentine's day I used to go to a concert at a local rock club. It's casual enough that no one will assume you're looking to pick up a date for the evening, and you'll still feel like you did something that night.
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Craig Ferguson is performing at the Paramount if you like him. Also there's Othello and ballet on at the Long Center.
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