Looking for video of the halftime show from a 1971 Jets-Patriots game
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In 1971, during the halftime show of a game between the NY Jets and the Patriots, my dad's high school marching band performed. My dad, a trumpet player, had a solo in the show. He asked me if I could find video of that performance. Can anyone point me in the direction of where that could be found or who could possibly provide it in a physical format?
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Have you tried the high school? Often the band would tape shows, although back in 1971 home video hardly existed, there may be film.
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The NFL has a films division. You could try asking them to point you in the right direction.
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NFL Films doesn't always have full games, but you can make a special order for around $50.
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NFL Films isn't likely to have the halftime show at a regular season game; they list that they only have games in their Greatest Games series.

I would guess that the high school would be the easiest place to find the video if they have it. If not, think about contacting the teams; both the Jets and the Patriots have contact forms, and may have video that wasn't broadcast. (There is "game film" that was likely silent.)

Another option would be to try and find the stations that broadcast the game. At the time, AFC games were broadcast on NBC affiliates. For New York that would have been WNBC as you might expect. In Boston, it would have been WBZ, which was part of a realignment in 1994 and became a CBS station. One or both stations might have archives or be able to point you in the right direction.
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