Tips for Las Vegas: Hipster Edition
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We'll be going to Las Vegas for a long weekend next week and I'm looking for suggestions that are a little more off the beaten track. Some things I've found on Yelp so far that fit the profile, Drink and Drag bowling, Grouchy John's Coffee Shop, Freakin' Frog.

We got a cheap hotel room at the Treasure Island through Priceline bidding, we're not planning on renting a car but don't mind taking cabs or walking to get around. We already have tickets to see Britney Spears at Planet Hollywood one night.

I've been to Vegas a few times, but my GF has never been before. We enjoy typically hipster-y activities such as thrift stores, fancy beer, kitschy shows, Dolly Parton impersonators, and dive bars. I'm interested in potentially going to a spa for a facial or massage. She's interested in fancy beer and any local breweries or brew pubs.

After reading a New Yorker article about the whole DJ club scene, I'm a little interested in checking out a DJ night at one of the big hotels. Also interested in any other live music venues that are really great.
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Pinball Hall of Fame?
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The Neon Museum, specifically the Boneyard. Fremont and the Old Strip sound like they might be fun for you, too.
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Rose.rabbit.lie - I'd say more but I think I took an oath of silence :)
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Best answer: seconded on pinball hall of fame AND neon museum.

downtown vegas casinos are awesomely old timey.

circus circus may be the world's largest/most surreal dive bar.

The Peppermill--24 hr diner up front, blacklight tiki bar with firepit in the back.

The liberace museum is closed but I think the Cosmopolitan has some of it on display.

Also the National Atomic Testing Museum is in vegas.

Atlas Obscura has you covered.
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You definitely want to go to the Laundry Room speakeasy on E Fremont St. Text the bartender (who is awesome) to get a reservation-- that's the only way in. 702-701-1466.
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Seconding the Pinball HoF. The National Atomic Testing Museum is well-done if you're into science and history.
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Best answer: I went for Interbike last year and had a ton of fun as a hipster.

As far as thrift stores go, there's a few Savers in that area that I had pretty darn good luck in. I had to buy a spongebob backpack to bring all the extra thrift store clothes home in. The huge one we went to was at 2300 e tropicana, and there's a bus that goes from the strip there.

The neon overhead lights thing on Fremont was cheesy, but I liked the older downtown casinos. They were fun. Plus I won $75 in quarters on a $.25 spin which was pretty awesome. There was some hipster bars in the area as well.
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The Peppermill is indeed something special.
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You may enjoy The Double Down.
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Thirding the Pinball Hall of Fame.

If you want a bit of light and kitschy gambling, when I was there in 2011, the MGM still had a mechanical horse racing game Sigma Derby (yelp). It's a lot of fun .
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If you want to check out a club, go to Light. It's new and so much fun, not least because it's a partnership with Cirque du Soliel.
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Response by poster: So we really enjoyed the Fremont St. area downtown.

There's a new brewery called Banger Brewing that was a really fun place to hang out. Also thought the container park was really fun.
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