The perfect felt mouse toy
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Our cat Dr. Wily has a favorite felt mouse. There's a few other mouse-like toys she likes, but this is the one she is excited about chasing and fetching without exception. She is also willing to not eat it, as she has done with many other toys. However, it is wearing down, and we'd like to get more.

It is made of felt and about 3" long and 2" tall. The stuffing is very light. There's no catnip in it. It used to have a tail, but we cut it off because Dr. Wily has a problem with eating tails. It was a gift to us, and I haven't had much luck with Google or local pet stores. We might be able to make our own, but it would be much easier if we could just buy them.
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Could it be self made? Maybe from this etsy shop? Or from this pack of 6 on amazon? Both have catnip though. Did your mouse come with any kind of packaging that would help identify the source? Could you ask your friend/gift giver?

I don't see the ears in your pic. What color were the ears?

If you think the weight is essential, I'd weigh the mouse and make sure all future mice (self made or bought) are around the same weight.
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It's felt, it's easily patched nearly indefinitely.
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We got a pack with similar ones at Target recently, but they were nipped. They are quite light as you described. Our cat has destroyed two and we'll be getting more because he LOOOOVES them and carries them around proudly.
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It looks like there are several makers on etsy that produce similar--you could request one made without catnip. Good on you for attempting but please don't be disappointed when the good doctor rejects it for No Discernible Reason.
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My cat really likes these mice. They're about $3.75 each made out of handfelted Mongolian wool, benefits the Snow Leopard Trust. I think they think they smell really good. The tails are solid/felted rather than a string, which my cat also tries to eat. I got them the small one I linked to, and a larger (3"?) mouse; they like the smaller one. Good luck!
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travelwithcats, the ears are pink. It didn't come in a package, but rather, a hand-assembled basket of various toys. So, I guess it could be handmade? But now that I think about it, we may be able to ask the giver.

sciencegeek, the Target pack mouse does look really similar. Since the catnipness of anything fades eventually, maybe it'll work.

Thanks for your answers so far, everyone. If we can't find the exact mouse, it looks like we have some viable substitute candidates.
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