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I want to make use of Valentine's Day to help re-engage people with a SharePoint site. Help me think of ways I can do this in a funny and cool way.

One of my jobs at work is to re-engage users with a SharePoint site that suffered from a lack of stewardship over the years. I've already Googled "How do I get people to use SharePoint" - those methods are not fun and creative.

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought of using it as a marketing opportunity to build goodwill by giving out some goofy valentines to let folks know that I exist, SharePoint exists and they can contact me at any time. I thought about sticking chocolate hearts to a little card, but I don't know what the card should say. "With Love from SharePoint" seems a little weird. The message I would like to send is "SharePoint and I are useful and cool and want to be your friend/help you!"

Thanks much!
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Depending on your audience (in my workplace, for instance), a straight up ironic use of common Valentines sentiments and trappings might work.

Sort of a deliberately awkward campaign, a la Parks and Rec.
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Since one of the most powerful things in SharePoint is the list function, how about, "Valentine, You're On My List" as a card?
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Maybe put together a workflow in Designer that's set to automatically fire out a message asking whether the recipient will be your Valentine, with different actions based on whether they approve or reject? Or you could link them over to a document library of someecards-type Valentines.
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I haven't seen Parks and Rec, so I'm fixing that now :D I like that idea.

Ooh, feature + Some Ecards could work! I don't have to spend too much time designing them :)
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pic viewer webpart that randomly chooses to either show a blank image (so it's invisible on the page), or a "Will You Be My Valentine?" image. You could also choose to do this with random quotes.

make a temporary master page Valentine template and switch everyone over - or just changes to your branding.

I like the Valentine's approval workflow idea :)
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I like the workflow idea too, but be sure not to alienate potential converts by spamming them. Maybe make the workflow e-mails opt-in somehow?
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Changes to branding would be good! I forgot to mention that the team is somewhat small (40 or so people) so getting the physical Valentine would be good too, since there's no guarantee someone will be logging in on Friday, and I don't want to take the chance of spamming people either.

Thanks so much guys! I've got a lot to get going here. Glad I asked!
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